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Spirit & Port Hampers

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Where wine and champagne are often considered to be light, fun drinks suitable for celebrations and parties, spirits and port always seem to be for more serious, formal occasions. However, take a look at the spirit & port hampers here at A Gift Worth Giving and you will soon realise that that is not the case at all! Our hampers are made for both formal and informal occasions, containing top quality port and spirits. Choose from hampers which include Bourbon, Baileys, various whiskies, brandy, port or vodka, and that contain a selection of savoury and sweet treats. A great gift for the whisky lover is the Glenfiddich Luxury hamper. Glenfiddich is generally thought to be one of the best whiskies in the world, and this particular bottle is accompanied by potato chips, nuts and chocolates. For cocktail enthusiasts there could be no better treat than the Absolut Cocktail hamper – it is a real treasure chest!