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Welcoming New Neighbours with a Hamper

Having a good relationship with your neighbours is the best way to build a strong community. Greeting new neighbours right away is a nice gesture that allows you to make the connection and build a good relationship from day one. Giving them a gift such as a gourmet hamper not only makes them feel welcome, but it also establishes a friendship that will hopefully last for years to come. The following are some tips for welcoming your new neighbours with a hamper.

Find out who is moving in

The type of hamper that will be received well by your new neighbours depends generally on who they are. For instance, is it a newlywed couple? A family with small children? An elderly couple? This information will give you an idea of the kind of needs and wants they may have. If you can’t find out who is moving in, you can always give them a gift basket filled with an assortment of items.

Making your welcome basket

While you can easily get a pre-made basket from the store, it’s more fun and much more impressive if you make your own. You can use your own baking or pick up a few goodies from the shop. If you want to get fancy, include gourmet items from local boutique shops as well. Throw in a mixture of expensive and inexpensive items, such as cheese, crackers and a bottle of wine. Then, head down to the craft shop and pick up a nice basket, as well as a card to write a welcome note on, some cellophane to wrap it in, and some ribbon to finish it off.

Taking the hamper to them

The most effective way to use the hamper to build a good relationship is to take it to your new neighbour in person. Wait a few days before you go over, especially since they might be busy with moving — but don’t wait too long! Once you feel the timing is appropriate, knock on the door, introduce yourself and officially welcome them to the neighbourhood. To make them feel especially welcome, let them know you can help them or answer any questions they may have about the neighbourhood. This is a good opportunity to find out a little bit more about them, too.

What to put in your hamper

If you’re not sure what items make for the best hamper, here are a few extra ideas:

  • Food items such as coffee, tea, snacks, fresh fruit or vegetables — or anything you have baked yourself, like bread, muffins or cookies. You can also include practical items like pasta, rice or eggs.
  • If you have noticed that the new neighbours have children, then don’t forget to include something special for them, too! Crayons, sidewalk chalk, stickers and colouring books are easy toys to include in your hamper.
  • Useful community information such as a list of local emergency contact numbers and community organisations will be really helpful for newcomers.
  • Gift certificates to local restaurants, children’s play centres or local recreation centres are also very thoughtful.

Welcoming new neighbours with a hamper is a fantastic way to introduce yourself and make them feel welcomed into the community. With this one small gesture, you could effectively begin a long, fruitful relationship.