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Tips To Customize A Perfect Wine Gift Basket

Everyone likes to receive gifts, and one of the best gifts that you can give to someone is wine. Giving wine-related gifts is an elegant to celebrate an occasion or express your gratitude to someone. They are versatile, too—you can give them to a loved one, a colleague, or even your clients. A good bottle is often enough, but if you want to go the extra mile, then go ahead and give a wine gift basket. It will surely be appreciated. Here are some tips to help you customise a fantastic wine gift basket.

  • Choose a high-quality basket: Pick a suitable gift basket for the wine and other things that you are planning include. The common options are picnic and wicker baskets. Just be sure that the basket is sturdy and can handle the weight of the bottle of wine and the other items. Regardless of your choice, always line the bottom with paper cloth for added cushioning to prevent damage to the wine bottle and other contents.


  • Wine: You need to choose the most suitable wines for your recipient. If you are giving a wine gift basket to someone who is not particular with their type of wine, you can go for a simpler Pinot Noir, Gewurztraminer, or even a Merlot, all of which are recommended for beginners. Save the Cabernet Sauvignon and other complex wines for the wine experts and sophisticated recipients.
  • Food: Your gift basket will not be complete without cheese and crackers plus other types of food that go well with wine. Go for non-perishable cheeses like gouda. Add a pack of pasta, nuts, crackers, a jar of olives, smoked salmon, and other tasty options that go well with wine. You may add chocolates, too.


  • Accessories: Complete and personalise your wine gift basket with accessories such as glasses, aerators, charms, and wine stoppers. A wine journal is a good choice, too.

Have your wine gift basket customised and put together by a professional hamper designer or coordinator. There are online stores specialising in assembling gift hampers for every occasion, including wine gift baskets. They can save your time and money in finding and assembling an elegant hamper.

Thank You Gift Ideas That Your Guests Will Adore

Gifts that express gratitude can go a long way. When a simple thank-you note won’t suffice, you can send a thoughtful gift to someone to make them know that you appreciated their presence on a special event or occasion, such as a wedding, birthday, corporate event, or a funeral. Here are some ideas that can help you say “thank you” to your guests through gifts.

  1. Chocolates. Sweet treats are always appreciated because they can be enjoyed solo or shared with others. Try gourmet chocolates and add some wine. You can create a gift hamper with different types of chocolate, too, to provide more variety for your recipient.


  1. Wine. Wine can be an appropriate thank-you gift for a drinker or someone who appreciates wine. Go for a wine gift basket that comes with a bottle of fine wine or two, plus special treats like chocolates, crackers, and cheese. Another creative way to pack a wine gift hamper is to include gourmet pasta, nuts, and olives. Wine accessories can complete the wine gift basket, too.
  1. Bath sets. Bath sets are great if you are aiming for a more personalised and intimate thank-you gift for a friend or a relative. A good bath set can include a shower gel, scented or aromatherapy candles, bath oils, hand cream or body lotion, luxury soaps, and bath salts. Include a box of truffles or gourmet chocolates for that extra touch of luxury.


  1. Use corporate colours and add some branding. You can give a thank-you gift for corporate purposes, too. Work with a company that can create corporate gift baskets with your company colours. Some can even customise the ribbons with your corporate logo, so your recipients can easily tell that the gift came from you.

Create A Perfect Baby Gift Basket For Baby Shower Parties

A gift basket can be a thoughtful and useful gift for parents who will surely be appreciative of anything you can give to the baby. A baby gift basket can also be a cost-effective and convenient gift for a baby shower party, especially if it is the parents’ first time to have a baby. When it comes to personalizing the hamper, you are only really limited by your creativity.

The perfect baby gift basket starts with the type and quality of basket that you choose. Pick a sturdy basket that can hold all the items well. A timeless choice for a baby gift basket is the woven wicker basket. You can also pick a practical basket that the parents can use when the baby comes out, such as a baby bathtub or a small basin.

The next step is to choose the right items. It’s a good idea to add things that are practical for baby care and the first few months of the baby’s life. Parents could never have enough diapers or baby wipes, so be sure to include them as they will be well appreciated. You can also consider adding clothing such as onesies, mittens, and booties. Pick items that are useful, such as washcloths, towels, baby bottles, milk dispensers, and blankets for customizing a perfect baby gift basket. For the mother, add items like nursing pads or a book about breastfeeding.

You can also consider adding items that the baby can use in his or her later years. Try a baby dish set, toy musical instruments, and toys that can stimulate baby’s brain and motor development. Plush toys and stuffed animals can add a cute and playful touch to the baby gift basket. Parenting gifts such as baby books, parenting books, and music CDs with lullabies can be good, too.

Corporate Gift Hampers – A Nice Way To Show Your Appreciation

Gift hampers are versatile gifts that you can give to anyone, regardless of the occasion. They can be creative and thoughtful presents to corporate clients and employees. Corporate gift hampers allow you to show your appreciation for your employees’ hard work, as well as to express gratitude to clients who chose to work with you or hire you for their business.

Corporate gifts can be an essential part of your marketing strategy, too. You can create brand awareness with corporate gift hampers and make your recipients remember your products and services. Gift hampers are considered appropriate as corporate giveaways because they contain useful items and delicious treats that anyone can appreciate. A corporate gift hamper that is specifically personalised for the recipient shows thoughtfulness without being too intimate.

There are companies specialising in arranging gift hampers for corporate needs, and the best ones are happy to customize your baskets to incorporate your brand. You can choose to use branded ribbons, for example, or wrap the hampers in your corporate colours. This is a simple and effective way to let your recipient instantly know that the corporate hamper came from your company. Adding a gift card can make the gift more personalised, too.

It is easy to order corporate gift hampers online, no matter how many (or few) you need. Some of Australia’s best gift hamper retailers can recommend sets of items for specific corporate occasions. There are hampers specifically made as client incentives and for team celebrations. You will also find hampers to express congratulations, recognition, or condolences. Did someone in the team have a baby? There’s an appropriate corporate gift hamper for that occasion, too. The hampers can be further personalised—simply add items as you see fit. The corporate gift hampers can be delivered straight to your recipient’s address or to your office, in case you want to give it to your recipients yourself.

Chocolate Hampers: The Ultimate Birthday Gift Idea For Her

Chocolate gift hampers are the perfect gift suggestion especially when the recipient is a huge chocolate lover. Women just love chocolate—much more than men do, in fact, according to some studies. Offer a bar of chocolate to a friend and she will sure give you her sweetest smile, thanking you for your generous and thoughtful gesture. If your sister’s, mother’s, aunt’s, wife’s, friend’s, or daughter’s birthday is coming up, you can’t go wrong with giving her a chocolate hamper filled with all her favourite goodies.

Throw in some other treats and goodies like a good bag of coffee, a bottle of wine, or some flowers and sweet notes and greetings, and you will have given that special woman in your life one of the best presents she has ever received in a long time. Another great thing about chocolate gift hampers is that they are best enjoyed when shared, making them a truly awesome gift idea. Imagine your recipient sharing the goodies with her friends, paired with wine!

Your options are endless when it comes to personalizing your chocolate gift hampers. With the variety of chocolate types available in the market, you have all the choices in the world to create the perfect gift set specific to the recipient’s taste and preferences. Choose a company that offers awesome selections of good quality chocolates and other items that you can include in your gift hamper. This way, you can customise your gift to your exact liking. You may even include other treats like cakes and sweets to add some variety to the gift. Chocolate gift hampers also come in different shapes and sizes and they can be designed to create a visually appealing package that the recipient will forever remember and cherish.

Celebrating Christmas With Customized Gift Hampers

Searching for the right Christmas gift can take a lot of time and effort. There is always that risk of giving something inappropriate to someone, or presenting them with something they do not need. A gift hamper can be a creative and thoughtful ‘safe’ Christmas gift that will surely be remembered. There are so many things you can put in a hamper—you simply can’t go wrong.

Gift hampers can be customised according to the recipient. You can, for example, design a gift hamper specifically for colleagues, bosses, employees, and clients. They can be useful for branding, too. There are businesses that can create a corporate Christmas gift hamper with your company’s logo or name, and you have the option to have the hampers wrapped in your company colours for a small fee. Done right, these Christmas gift hampers can help your company make a lasting impression.

There is a wide range of choices when it comes to customised Christmas gift hampers. Some of the most popular choices are carver sets, Christmas snacks, and local or traditional Christmas treats.  You can customise the Christmas gift hamper according to the preference of the person to whom you are planning to give it.

Gift hampers are considered professional gifts, making them appropriate as corporate Christmas presents, too. They can be personalised and are certainly thoughtful, but they do not come off as intimate. Customised gift hampers allow you to give gifts to someone while maintaining a professional boundary with them.

Avoid the rush by ordering customised Christmas gift hampers in advance. Doing so can save you time and prevent delay, too. Just be sure to choose a reputable gift hamper designer and coordinator who can help you assemble the best gift hamper for specific individuals or groups.

The Advantages of a Corporate Gift Hamper

Sending corporate gifts at anytime of the year can be beneficial to your company. They are an excellent way to create brand awareness. Such gifts are widely used by companies to launch various products and services in online and offline markets. Corporate gifts help the companies in gaining optimum exposure in the business portals.

When used as a promotional gift, it can be anything with the company logo attached such as business card, desk clock, watch etc. Wine accessories and wine gift baskets are also preferred in some cases. Combination of delicious treats and useful items can also be a delightful gift to any professional.

Personalized corporate gifts are also a good idea when you have to gift to an individual. You can find a wide range of such gifts. Some good ideas can be business card cases, wine cases, desk clocks, and flasks.

Corporate gift hampers have some advantages over other types of gifts. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Diversity: One of the best things about corporate gift hampers is that they are available in a huge variety to choose from. This makes it easy to find the exact gift that is needed. You can easily find a promotional item for any occasion and for any person.

All Inclusive: A great thing about corporate gift hampers is that they are all inclusive. You choose a hamper for someone and there is no need to send anything. It contains all the necessary items that make a perfect hamper.

More to Offer: Another advantage of corporate gift hampers is that you often find items in them that you will not find otherwise. It is best to buy such a gift if you are not able to find what you are looking for.

All these advantages are the reasons why corporate gift hampers are preferred by so many companies and are considered the appropriate corporate gifts. They are beneficial for customers, partners, workers, managers and associates.

The best place to buy corporate gift hampers is online. There are many online shopping that provide a wide variety of gift hampers and corporate gifts at competitive prices. They also give attractive offers and discounts.