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Special Housewarming Presents for Your Friends

The excitement of moving into a new house should be appropriately acknowledged with a special housewarming present. Because so many people now have all of the household items that they need, it is a great idea to choose a special gift (that may well be unique and personal or practical and useful), to welcome friends to their new home.

When choosing a special housewarming gift, remember that there really are no rules. However, the selection of a gift that best represents you, your friend and the relationship that you have, will always be special!

Here are five ideas for great housewarming gifts:

1:  A gift basket

The great thing about gift baskets is that there is often so much freedom to include the products that match the personal tastes and preferences of you and/or your friend. Gift baskets are often themed so that you may give a basket with a ‘luxury’ or ‘pampering’ theme, or perhaps give a beautifully presented basket that is full of delectable, edible goodies such as fine cheeses, chocolates, wine and coffee.

Gift baskets make a perfect choice of gift for so many occasions. As well as being given as birthday gifts, gift baskets are an ideal way to acknowledge anniversaries, celebrate the arrival of a new baby, send congratulatory wishes and show that you care for so many other reasons and purposes. Christmas hampers filled with Christmas-themed items are incredibly popular and are also a wonderful way to delight someone special during the festive season.

2:  Fresh plants

Every home looks more alive, welcoming and complete when fresh plants are featured. Even in a new home that is yet to be filled with furniture and fittings, fresh plants can make the interior (and exterior) really feel like home.

A further benefit of fresh plants over cut flowers is that they will live longer and usually require less maintenance. When you want to give a special housewarming gift, it is nice to give plants that will not end up being disposed of in a little more than a week.

3:  Food

As most of us can well appreciate, moving into a new house is a very busy and demanding time — there is so much to do and we always seem to have more belongings to pack up, move and unpack than we realise. One of the most thoughtful and special gifts that can be given at this time is the gift of food — a home-cooked meal or ingredients that can be easily used to make a delicious meal.

It can even be nice to bring dinner over, dish it up and enjoy it with your friend(s) as they take a well-earned break from unpacking and setting up.

4:  Champagne

Few things say ‘celebration’ as well as a bottle of champagne. It follows that a bottle of quality bubbly makes a wonderful housewarming gift. This can be perfectly combined with some stylish champagne flutes that could even be engraved with the date that your friend moved into their new home so that they become a very special memento.

5:  Scented candles

Relatively often, homes that we move into initially smell foreign. While they may not necessarily smell bad or offensive, it just feels as though the scent in the house is not our own.

A beautiful, scented candle can therefore be a very special and wonderful choice of gift when your friend moves into a new home. Candles can of course creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere and, when a lovely colour and scent is chosen, such candles can offer incredible comfort and pleasure. They make a special and perfect housewarming gift.

Many items make special and memorable housewarming gifts for friends. As well as being practical and useful, the housewarming gifts that are most appreciated can also be unique and interesting and add a little luxury, comfort or pleasure to a new home.