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Simple Costume Party Ideas

Themed costume parties are by far the most fun parties to attend. Not only do guests get to dress up, but decorations, food, drinks, dancing, music and party favours can all be specialised to suit the theme. They truly provide a chance for people to get out of their nine-to-five shells, let loose, and party! Whether you’re organising a birthday party, office party, or a simple get together with friends, the following costume party ideas will make your party a hit.

Gangster Party Circa 1920

The gangster scene back in the 1920’s was all about glitz, glam, money, power, great slang, jazz and, of course, rebelling against prohibition. Recreate this exciting decade by providing fun and unique party favours, such as a big metal tub filled with ice and booze, an “illegal” casino and gaming table, and even a silent black and white film in the background. Serve snacks like canapés, olives, crackers, potato chips and fried chicken, and drinks such as mint juleps, coca cola, “bathtub” gin, cocktails, champagne and plenty of whisky. Boogie to great steps like The Charleston and Shimmy, while enjoying music from artists like Al Jolson, Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin, Cotton Club and Ragtime Band. Flappers, Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, Charlie Chaplin, Gangsters, Coco Chanel, the great Gatsby, Louis Armstrong and Mae West are all perfectly respectable costumes ideas.

1970’s Funk

While most people wouldn’t admit it, everyone wants to attend a 1970’s funk party. Disco mirror balls, fog machines, lava lamps, beanbags, shag rugs, 70’s glassware and plenty of decorations in brown, orange and green is all you need to set the mood. Include food offerings like fondue, skewers, Jell-O, crackers with dip and tater tots, and drinks such as Kool-Aid, fruit wines, punch, daiquiri’s, Tom Collins, and Mai Tai’s. Of course, this kind of party is all about the music, so choose any line-up that includes David Bowie, Elvis, Diana Ross, Eagles, The Doors, Abba, Bee Gees and the list goes on. Make sure there are plenty of fun games like Twister, spin the bottle, Disco dancing competitions, limbo and 70’s trivia to keep the party vibe alive!

Heroes and Villains

To set the superhero/villain vibe, use plenty of colours at your party, display superhero posters, and print invitations in comic-book style. Use plenty of labels where possible, such as Bam! Pow! and Zing! Superhero-themed music should be playing in the background at all times as people practice their best super moves on the dance floor. For this type of party, encourage your guests to dress in plenty of spandex, capes, gloves and masks to portray characters like Superman, Catwoman, Hannibal Lector, Darth Vader, Harry Potter, Lara Croft, and the list goes on. Surprise all your guests with gift baskets at the end of the night filled with superhero paraphernalia like comics, stickers and posters.

Fairy Tails

Anyone who has ever wanted to dress as a princess, a villain or their favourite childhood character will finally get the opportunity at a fun fairy tale-themed party. Your decorations should centre on fairy tale themes like sparkles, candy, bright colours, mythical creatures, castles, enchanted forests and any other whimsical ideas you can come up with. Great costume ideas include Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood with a picnic hamper, Robin Hood, Snow White, and the list goes on.