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Things to Consider While Shopping Baby Gift Hampers

Gift hampers are excellent gifts for parents and their upcoming or newborn baby. You can find a wide variety of baby gift hampers online and order them in time for an upcoming baby shower or the birth of a new child. That said, not all baby gift baskets are alike. Some are designed to impress while others are too generic and boring. Consider the following tips when shopping for the perfect basket:

  • What’s the baby’s age? You want a hamper that contains age-appropriate items the baby can use.

  • If you’re shopping for a newborn, give the basics. Newborn baby baskets provide all the essential things a parent would require to ensure their baby’s comfort and hygiene. Consider sending a newborn baby hamper that contains a soft comforter, a 100 percent cotton onesie, a baby wrap, socks, and a plush toy.

  • Provide an assortment of useful products. Baby gift hampers are great gifts because they can provide different items for the parents and the baby. Just be sure that the items are useful and can make it easier for parents to take care of a new baby. For a special touch, consider toys, such as a teddy bear, a doll, or building blocks.
  • Blue or pink? Blue is traditionally given to boys while pink hampers are for girls, but you can customise a baby gift hamper with any item in any colour to match the parent’s favourite hue. You can find unisex hampers, too. They’re great if you are not sure whether the baby is a girl or a boy.
  • Give something for the parents, too. A baby book can be a great addition to the gift hamper because it can help the parents keep track of their baby’s growth and development in the first few weeks or months. Some gift hamper coordinators and designers can arrange something extra upon your requests, such as flowers and balloons, and chocolates, too.