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How to Select a Gift for the Discerning Individual

There is no denying that having to buy gifts for some of the people in our lives can be stressful and anxiety inducing. People can be hard to buy for, for a variety of reasons, and sometimes when charged with buying a gift for a colleague or manager, the task seems all the more difficult because we may not know so much about their personal tastes and preferences.

It may sound sexist to say so, but it is often considered more difficult to buy for men than women. Perhaps it is because a beautiful bunch of flowers or a tasteful vase will usually please a woman whereas there are less obvious choices that are known to always make an appreciated present for a man.

Regardless of whether your gift recipient is male or female, the fact remains that some people are more discerning and ‘difficult to buy for’ than others. However, it is important to note that the words used here are ‘difficult to buy for’ and certainly not ‘impossible to buy for’! Many stylish, attractive and pleasing gifts are available for people of various tastes and preferences and, most people are pleased to accept that a person has put thought and effort into choosing.

Gift baskets:

Gift baskets can be created to suit every person. They make the perfect gift.

A variety of themed gift baskets and gift hampers exist – catering for people who love coffee, or chocolate, or fine wine, or beer, or luxury items, or gourmet foods… – and so it can be surprisingly easy to make a selection from an existing range and feel confident that the gift hamper will please the person who receives it.

Alternatively, you also have the freedom to ‘create’ your own gift basket to compliment the tastes and interests of the person! You may want to mix and match items and include a wide range of goods; this is possible when you decide what is to be included.

Gift baskets are beautifully presented and make an impressive gift that is sure to please and delight even the most discerning person.


An increasingly popular choice of present is the gift of an experience rather than a tangible item. There is an almost limitless range of different experiences that can be given as a gift, ranging from the sophisticated and cultured to the adrenaline pumping and thrill seeking.

Popular experiences that are given as gifts include: meals in restaurants, outings on boats and cruises (such as whale or dolphin watching), mystery flights, helicopter rides, rally car driving and even a day in a recording studio!

An experience often makes for a highly memorable and much talked about gift!


By giving vouchers, you are enabling the discerning person to make their own choice and you can then be assured that they will receive something that they love.

Other than vouchers for particular stores, cinema vouchers and vouchers for DVDs, CDs and online music are always popular. Some people also find that their gift of airline vouchers that can be redeemed for flights to destinations of the recipients choosing are a very well received gift.

Rather than thinking of vouchers as impersonal and a way of opting out of actually choosing something for the discerning person, think of them as a form of ‘insurance’ that the person will ultimately receive a gift that is to their taste and preference.

Gift giving, particularly when a person is ‘difficult to buy for’ is not always easy. Discovering what interests the person and the sorts of things that they like and enjoy provides helpful information that can be used when choosing a gift. Keep in mind that most people appreciate the thought, time and effort that goes into choosing a gift and also remember that there are gifts, such as gift baskets, that can be individually tailored to absolutely delight any recipient!