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Putting the Romance Back into Your Relationship

It is a reality for many couples — despite being in love, the romance and passion that was once so strong and intense can dissipate with the demands of everyday life. Thankfully, there are many enjoyable and effective ways to rekindle the romance in a relationship, enabling couples to experience the love and intensity of feeling that characterises the early stages of a relationship — better known as the ‘honeymoon’ period.

Here we take a look at seven great ways to re-establish your connection with your partner and get back on the ‘romance track’:

1:  Take time and enjoy the little details

There is quite some truth to the notion that it is ‘the little things that count’. When it comes to romance, writing and receiving lovely, thoughtful notes that say ‘I love you’ or ‘Have a wonderful day’ can really make a difference. Similarly, calling, texting or sending your partner an unexpected, affectionate email can brighten their day and enhance the connection that you share.

2:  Talking

Communication is more often than not the basis of a great relationship. Although it’s often nice to send and receive gifts, it’s the ability to talk things through that stands a couple in good stead when conflicts and difficulties arise. Talking through particular issues and events — even when it’s simply recapping your day — can reduce stress and tension and be conducive to the building of romance.

3:  Physical touch

A warm hug, a kiss, a comforting massage or simply holding your partner’s hand can be just what is needed to show your loved one how you feel. Of course, the demands of family life and outside pressures can sometimes mean we overlook the importance and need to express tenderness in such ways, but the physical touch of your partner can really help to rebuild romance and connection.

4:  Commit to a date night

Many couples testify to the benefits of a regular date night. Going out on a date with your loved one offers a brilliant way to reconnect with them and will give you something to look forward to and become excited about. Time away from the home and your usual routine gives couples a wonderful opportunity to talk and just be together. It’s not necessary to always have particularly fancy or expensive dates either — sometimes taking a gift basket or picnic hamper filled with your favourite foods and special drinks (such as wine) and heading to a romantic and scenic spot are all that is needed for a completely wonderful date.

5:  Exercise kindness

As with any relationship, kindness really matters. Complimenting your partner can go a long way to making them feel special and important and expressing gratitude and appreciation — even for the mundane tasks that are required around the household — is a sign of respect, commitment and love.

6:  Physicality

A study conducted by the University of Chicago found that in Western nations, approximately 50 per cent of men and one third of women claimed that sex was extremely important in their lives. In terms of romance, some flattery and ‘wooing’ can make the hearts of even people who have been in relationships for many years race and flutter, and sex can serve as a special bond that helps to nurture, maintain and strengthen a relationship.

7:  The element of surprise

Giving or receiving something unexpected or organising an impromptu outing is always exciting and will generally bring a smile to the faces of both partners. Surprising your partner really is a sign that, despite life’s pressures and demands, you’re thinking of them and have gone out of your way to do something nice. Purchasing concert tickets, a special Christmas hamper, some gorgeous flowers or a meaningful card are all great ways to surprise your partner and express your love.

It’s definitely possible to put the romance back into a relationship. A number of simple acts are very effective in demonstrating thoughtfulness, love, care, connection, respect and affection.