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How to Plan Your Gift Giving in Advance

These days, there are plenty of occasions where we give gifts to people, and it can feel like you’re on a never-ending quest to find and buy gifts, especially at the last minute. Waiting until the last minute to buy gifts isn’t just stressful; it is also expensive, and almost guarantees that your gifts will be impersonal and lack creativity. To avoid this trap and ensure you get gifts that people are really going to love, it’s important to plan ahead. Here’s how:

Make a budget

Planning a budget at the beginning of the year is a great way to avoid overspending on gifts, and will help you remember to take care of the gift buying early on. Get 12 manila folders and label them January through to December. Inside each one, write a list of occasions and dates that will require a gift to be given, and then decide how much you will spend on each one. Some people like to actually set the money aside at the beginning of the year so that the money is accounted for already in their budget.

Stay organised

Throughout the year, constantly write down gift ideas as you think of them, especially for holidays you know are coming like birthdays and Christmas. Keep a diary handy just in case you need to write down ideas on the fly, like if you are at the mall with your friend when they say something like, “I could really use one of (fill in the blank)”. Transfer the list for each of your manila folders as well so that, at the start of a new month, all you have to do is open the folder to see what gifts you need to prepare.

Buy gifts when you come across them

One of the best ways to ensure you’re not rushing around looking for a gift is to buy or make gifts for people as you think of them. Even if Christmas is still months away, if you see something your mum will like while you’re at the shops, pick it up. This way, you will have the gift ready to go well before Christmas arrives, and you will avoid the rush.

Collect cards and wrapping

When panicking about buying a gift the day before the special occasion, people often forget about the gift wrap. The best way to avoid this problem is to always have a box of wrapping supplies topped up and ready for any occasion — even if this means you buy Christmas ribbon, bows and paper in bulk in January when they’re on sale! Similarly, any time you receive a nice gift bag or a box from someone else, hold onto it so that you can use it for your own gifts later.

Make your gifts automatic

When all else fails, you can always place a standing order on gifts such as pre-made flower baskets and gift hampers. This is especially useful for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and special occasions for loved ones who live far away. A standing order will ensure your special someone gets their gift on the same day every year, and you don’t have to worry about a thing!