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Father’s Day Gift Guide 5 Unique Gifts for Father

Shopping for father’s day gifts can be real fun, although a bit challenging for the inexperienced. If you have been giving your dad the same gift the past several gifts, change things up a little this year and go for something that he will never expect, like a father’s day gift hamper. While gift hampers are often reserved for birthdays and mother’s day, there are many different types of items that you can put into a gift hamper that your father will surely appreciate, especially if you have a good handle of the things he likes. Here are some excellent father’s day gift ideas you can include in a gift hamper:

  • Wine tops the list for father’s day gifts. A nice bottle of wine or some other type of spirit is a great way to greet your dad a happy father’s day and share in the celebration with a heartfelt toast. The great thing about wines is that you can pair it with just about anything, which brings us to the next item on the list.
  • Chocolates and cheeses. Specialty gift stores often carry an entire range of sweets and gourmet cheeses that you can include in your wine hamper.
  • Gourmet treats. Gourmet goodies are also a very popular gift hamper item, as they are both delicious and nutritious. Gourmet treats are also great to pair with wines and beers. Baked goods are also good alternatives
  • Magazines. If your dad fancies reading, a good stack of sports, car, and hobby magazines might just be the perfect hamper content to consider.
  • Personalised accessories. Personalised/engraved accessories are also great gift ideas for Father’s Day, and something that they can truly cherish for a very long time. These are great keepsakes for them to remember you by.

Celebrating Christmas with Wine and Champagne Gift Hampers

Festive occasions and gifts go hand in hand. In fact, gift hampers were traditionally created for the Christmas season, reflecting the festivity of the holidays. Today, however, gift hampers have become practical gifts for all occasions, although they are still among the best gift ideas for Christmas time, which is probably one of the most exciting times for gift giving. If you are looking for a perfect gift to give to your friends, loved ones, neighbours, and even your colleagues, you can help them celebrate Christmas with a nice wine and champagne gift hamper.

Wine and champagne hampers need not be plain and boring. They can also be spruced up with other exciting treats that will go well with your choice of bottle. A gourmet hamper, paired with a nice bottle of wine or champagne will make the perfect festive gift, as well as a gourmet cheese and biscuit hamper.

Chocolate and wine also go perfect together, but you can also add other interesting items to broaden the recipient’s palate, like boxes of gourmet treats. Wine and champagne hampers come in many colourful and unique arrangements. You can even make your gift more personal by sending out special messages in cards along with the gift.

In addition to Christmas, wine and champagne gift hampers also make great birthday presents and all-around gifts for various occasions, from Father’s Day to Valentine’s, New Year’s, and other milestone celebrations. If you intend to send out wine and champagne hampers as a romantic gift, consider adding a bouquet of flowers or a long stem rose to make the gift more intimate.

Gift hampers are awesome gift ideas that will truly brighten anyone’s day and make festive occasions even more enjoyable, especially for the giver and the recipient.

Buying Customised Corporate Hampers for Business Promotion

Careful selection of corporate gifts is crucial if you wish to create a good impression on your consumers, clients, business partners, as well as your employees. Corporate gift giving is an important task and should be included in your overall marketing strategy. Here are some guidelines on using corporate hampers for business promotion:

  • First and most importantly, you should remember that corporate gift-giving shouldn’t in any way be interpreted as a bribe, instead, it should be viewed as a token of appreciation to the recipient for a faithful service to the company or a continued partnership, be they a client, consumer, or business partner/supplier. With this in mind, you can start thinking of ways to maximise the promotional value of your corporate gifts.

  • If your gift is intended for increased brand promotion and awareness, don’t forget to include your logo or your business name on the gift. If it is not possible to add a personalised item in the contents of the gift hamper, request for your logo to be printed on the tag so that the recipient will know who to thank for the gift, and associate your name with good will.
  • Personal merchandise is always a good corporate gift and there are many specialty gift suppliers that can provide you with custom services to help you personalise gifts in a way that will promote your business.

  • Regardless of the occasion, gift hampers are very good gift ideas, as they are appropriate for most any type of celebration. They are also great for use as tokens of appreciation.
  • The best time to give out corporate gifts, particularly to clients and business partners is during the holiday and Christmas seasons. Festivities like these make a lasting impression on people.

5 Important Items to Include in an Easter Gift Hamper

Easter is one of the most fun events people look forward to, especially children. With all the anticipation for the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunts, and all other traditional Easter activities, do not forget to send out Easter love through thoughtful gifts. Easter gift hampers are great tokens to give out during this festive time, whether you are having people over for a hearty Easter dinner or attending a huge gathering within your community. Gift hampers are truly versatile gifts that can be presented on every occasion. If you want some great ideas for good Easter holiday gifts, the following are important items you should not forget when preparing your gift hampers:

  • No Easter hamper will be complete without some form of chocolate egg. If you have ever wondered by eggs are such an important symbol for Easter, it’s because they represent rebirth, which is practically what Resurrection in Christianity and spring is all about. While painting real eggs is still a great tradition, chocolate eggs make great alternatives, especially when you want to put them in a nice gift hamper.
  • The Easter bunny is also symbolic of the occasion. To add a cute twist to your gift, include a stuffed bunny in the arrangement.
  • Your friends will need something to wash down all the sweet treats with. Add a bottle or two of your choice of beer or a nice bottle of wine that best goes with your chocolates.
  • Baked goods and other sweet treats are also great Easter gift hamper items to include, especially when you want to present it as a token to a dinner host.
  • Along with other delicious treats, you may also include gourmet goodies to complete your Easter hamper set.

Various Types of Corporate Gift Solutions for Employees

Corporate gifting is something that businesses should include in their overall business strategy and company policy. Offering incentives and gifts to employees as rewards for their good work or as tokens to show their value and worth in the company and celebrate their milestones or their birthdays is a great way to boost morale and encourage people to do better. Gift hampers are classy, practical, and very cost-effective and they can easily be customised to suit the recipient’s unique taste and personality.

Corporate gift hampers are awesome incentives the business management can present to an employee as  a thank you for a job well done or for bagging a new client, as a congratulations for a personal or a career milestone, or even when they are having a new baby or a birthday. Gift hampers are so versatile, that they can be used for all types of occasions. If you are looking for a good idea for a corporate gift, there are many different types of corporate gift hampers that you can purchase and give to your employees.

An employee of the month gift hamper is a great way to recognize the contributions of your most valuable employee for a certain period. These kinds of recognitions are vital in the workplace, as they generate more enthusiasm and encourage all employees to do their best to bag the award.

Happy birthday gift hampers will also be greatly appreciated by employees, as these thoughtful gestures show how much you care for them. Get well soon hampers as well as thank you hampers and milestone hampers to celebrate an employee’s anniversary or promotion in the company are also among the most common types of corporate gift hampers that you can choose to send your employees.

Top 10 Best Selling Items to Include in a Christmas Gift Hamper

Christmas hampers are about the most thoughtful gifts you can give to your friends and loved ones. They can be filled with a whole range of treats and goodies that will suit everybody’s taste. If you are having a hard time picking out gifts for your closest loved ones and would like to make your present as special as the recipient, here are some best selling items that you can include in a Christmas hamper:

  • Sweet treats – Christmas is one of the most festive holidays that people anticipate each year. This is why sweet treats like chocolates and baked goods are awesome gift items to include in Christmas hampers.
  • Wines and spirits – Along with chocolates and sweets, wines and spirits are also great treats to heighten the celebratory mood of the season. Any person would love to receive a nice bottle of booze to celebrate this festive time.
  • Fuzzy bears and slushies – If the recipient is a family with kids or children, consider including small toys and kiddie treats that they can also enjoy.
  • Aromatherapy candles/accessories – Scent diffusers, aromatic candles, and similar types of products are also very popular gets for Christmas hampers.
  • Cheese – Along with chocolates, cheese is also a great complement to wine.
  • Beer – For a friend, who loves to booze, consider saying your Christmas greeting with a beer bucket and some gourmet treats.
  • Pamper sets – Pamper products are perfect for a friend who loves personal retreats and pampering sessions.
  • Biscuits – Gourmet biscuits are great alternatives to sweet treats. They are perfect when paired with:
  • Coffee and tea – Gourmet coffee and herbal teas are ideal fillers as they go well with most any type of gourmet treats.
  • Extras – Flowers, balloons, and other decorative additions are also great for sprucing up your Christmas hamper.

The Sweet Truth: Why Chocolate Gift Hampers are perfect for someone you adore

Chocolate is definitely one of the most popular gift items people choose to express many things towards their loved ones. While good marketing certainly plays a huge role in making people think that chocolate is the perfect gift for just about any occasion, here are other reasons why it is probably (truly) the one perfect gift for people that you love and adore:

  • Chocolates enhances mood – Most types of chocolates have mood-enhancing powers. The chemicals that are found in these little pieces of sweet goodness are the same as the ones that are usually found in marijuana, but in much smaller and definitely, safer quantities. If you want to lift up your date’s mood, then send a nice chocolate hamper to them. The mere gesture will even add bigger points in your score card and will make them like you more.
  • Eating chocolate creates a pleasurable experience – More than just its chemical-induced euphoria, eating chocolate, for most people is a pleasurable sensory experience. The combination of the chocolate’s taste, smoothness, and aroma inspires the senses, which brings much pleasure.
  • Chocolate is healthy in the right doses – As long as they don’t eat the entire batch at once, chocolate can also be a really healthy gift choice for your special someone. While some people refuse to eat or avoid eating chocolates altogether, you can counteract misconceptions by letting him/her know about all the positive health effects that chocolate offers. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of saturated fat present in chocolates is stearic acid, which does not yield the same effect on the body’s cholesterol levels as other kinds of saturated fat. Eating small amounts of chocolate per day is even less harmful than eating other junk food with the same quantities of saturated fat on a daily basis.

Picnic Hampers, Make Your Picnic Memorable and Enjoyable

Not many people have the luxury of spending quality time with their families, especially in today’s hectic world. However, busy work schedules and daily chores and errands should not be an excuse to forgo these kinds of family bonding times. If your family is in dire need of a retreat, but can’t afford to go far because of other responsibilities at work and school, consider a weekend picnic at a nearby national park or even the backyard! This could even be a start of a new family tradition, which you can enjoy with the entire family and even your neighbours, much like weekend cookouts and barbeques. To make your picnics more memorable and fun, here are some great picnic hamper ideas that you can consider:

  • Whether purchasing a picnic hamper as a gift or for personal consumption, make sure to include your favourite treats and drinks. A good way to encourage friends to join your family outings is to send them a picnic hamper along with a friendly invitation for a fun day out. You can include gourmet treats and other insanely good food items, wines, chocolates, cheeses, and many other picnic staples.
  • The best gift shops, even include other practical items in their picnic packages, like silverware and cheese cutters, drink ware, cooler bags, and even grilles and grilling accessories.
  • You can also stuff your picnic baskets full of your favourite drinks, ranging from sodas to beers, and wines and spirits. Trail mixes are also great items to add to your picnic package, along with other food items that are easy to prepare and eat.
  • The secret to an awesome picnic package is choosing food and drink items that you and your picnic party will surely enjoy.

How to Add Value to Your Mother’s Day Hamper

Mother’s day is such a special time to recognize one of the most special women, if not the most special woman in every one’s life—mums. If you want to make this day extra memorable for your beloved mother, cooking up a nice, intimate celebration is a good way to start, although something as simple as sending them a thoughtful, practical gift will also do the trick. Mothers deserve to be appreciated every day, but there is something about this holiday that is simply more sentimental, mostly because it is a day that has been specifically set aside to celebrate their love, hard work, and sacrifices. Here are ways to add more value and personal touch to your mother’s day gift hamper:

  • Personalise to the last detail. One of the best things about gift hampers is that they can easily be tailored and customised to include items and gifts that will surely make the recipient smile. Creating a mix of some of your mum’s favourite things is a great way to start. Choose items that you think your mother will enjoy or that she needs at the moment. Your thoughtfulness adds great value to the gift, whether you choose to send a fruit or gourmet basket, flowers, balloons, recipes, or any other gift items.
  • Creating a pamper package for your mum is also a great idea for a mother’s day hamper. Along with pampering products, you can toss in a gift check or voucher for a spa trip or a similar type of treatment. It will surely bring her a great deal of relaxation and escape from daily stresses.
  • There are many other ways to spruce up your usual mother’s day gift hamper, from sending a personal card with short messages from every member of the family with the entire package, to including family pictures, and delivering the package yourself.

Father’s Day Hampers: Best Gift Ideas for Father’s Day Celebration

Not all dads are the same, but they pretty much like very similar things. Give them anything that has to do with sports, building things, barbecue, technology, and cars, and you will make them one happy fellow, whether it is for their birthday or for father’s day. If you want to show your appreciation for all the love and hard work that your dad does for you and the rest of the family, here are awesome Father’s day gift hamper ideas to brighten your Father’s day celebration:

  • Outdoor hobbies – If your dad is the outgoing type or has a certain outdoor hobby or sport that he likes most, build your gift hamper around such activity and include items that he can sure use for this hobby. The best specialty gift stores can provide you with plenty of awesome options to fill your dad’s gift hampers with items and goodies he will surely love. Some great items to include are treats that they can munch on, some beers, and some useful accessories that can help them enjoy their outdoor hobby, from fishing poles to hooks, golf accessories, etc.
  • Indoor hobbies – However, if your dad is more a homebody than he is outdoorsy, consider something that he can enjoy indoors like a good book, music, tools, and even grilling accessories.
  • A hodgepodge of his favourite things – If your dad is a complex person with complex interests, make him a father’s day hamper that will make all other father’s day hamper jealous by putting together all of his favourite things. Good bottles of booze along with gourmet treats, cheeses, chocolates, barbequing stuff, sports/tech magazines, books, and other exciting treats will make your Father’s day hamper a gift to beat.