A Gift Worth Giving

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The Best Moments to Give a Gift

Gifts are not merely material objects that are given from one person to another; they are objects or actions that reveal some unspoken understanding between people. While the specific reasons we give gifts are varied, there are some very special moments that are commonly acknowledged with gift giving. Whether you want to give someone something simple like a gift basket, or something bigger and more romantic like a diamond necklace, the following are some of the best moments to do it.

To cheer someone up

Sometimes it’s not so much the gift, but the act of giving it that can cheer someone up when they’re feeling down. Gifts prove that you care about someone and that you are thinking about them enough to want to give them something nice. Whether they have lost a loved one, taken a wrong turn in life, or are simply feeling down, a gift from someone they love may be just the thing they need.

Celebrating a birthday

For some moments, such as birthdays, the gift giving is purely traditional. Every year that passes, people become a little bit older and a little bit wiser, and that is something to be celebrated! If you have a loved one with a birthday coming up soon, then make sure you get them something thoughtful (or do something thoughtful for them), so that they can feel truly special on their special day.

When someone is in need

These days, it’s easy to overlook the practice of giving gifts to people who are simply in need of something because of our own busy lives that are spent fulfilling our own needs. Do you have a friend who is struggling financially? A relative or child who is foregoing food to pay for their education? Do you pass by the same homeless person every day on your way to work? The moment when someone is in need of something is the easiest moment to give a gift, and is the most important time to do it.

For an important milestone

Milestones don’t come around very often, so when they do it’s important to commemorate them with a gift! Sometimes big moments only come around once in a person’s life, and giving them a gift to congratulate them or to help them celebrate is a must. Milestones such as a wedding, graduation, landing a dream job, 50th anniversary, birth of a child and any other special achievements are worthy of recognition with gift giving.

When they’re least expecting it

When it comes down to it, the best time to give a gift is today, right now, when they’re least expecting it. The element of surprise is a fantastic way to show someone they’re loved, especially if the gift is of a romantic nature. Sending flowers or a gift hamper to a special someone while they are at work is a great example of a spontaneous surprise gift. These types of gifts are fantastic because they say, “I care about you” or “I’m thinking about you”, and they show that every day with them is a special occasion for you. The people in your life are just as important today as they will be on any holiday, birthday or anniversary, so go tell them!