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Keeping Track of Birthdays and Anniversaries

While many people justify forgetting birthdays and anniversaries by blaming their poor memory or their stressful schedule at work, it’s actually very important that you remember special dates of those you’re close with. Whether it’s a co-worker, friend, family member or significant other, remembering important dates shows that you respect and care about them. With a little bit of dedication and a lot of organisation, you can easily remember the birthdays and anniversaries that are important. Here are some tips:

Create a Master List

While creating a master list of all the important dates may seem like a daunting task, you will feel very good about yourself once you’re finished. When starting your list, write down all the dates that you know by heart and the ones you can find out easily from sources like Facebook or old calendars. Then, make a commitment to add to the list every time you remember or learn of another significant date. This is a really great start to your list, and gets you one step closer towards never forgetting a birthday or anniversary again!

Organise a Birthday Calendar

Whether your calendar is a Palm Pilot, a diary, an email program like Outlook or on paper, it is your best tool for remembering important dates. Take your master list and spend some time adding all the dates you’ve recorded onto your calendar. You can also include any important notes, such as what kind of gift you got them last year, how old they are turning or how many years the anniversary symbolise, and so forth. At the end of every year, transcribe all of these important dates onto a new calendar so that you will always have them.

Download a Personal Reminder Application

If you’re a smartphone or tablet user, then there are plenty of personal reminder apps available for download. These apps are very helpful because they remember the date for you and can give you periodic warnings when the special date is approaching. This will ensure you have ample time to look for a gift, send a card or organise a special event to commemorate the special day. Popular apps include Occasions, Yearly, Coming Up, Save the Date, InstaReminder, iPlan, Whiteboard Pro, DueToday and so forth.

Make it Automatic

If there is anyone you like to send flower baskets or gift baskets to, such as co-workers, bosses or partners, then set up a standing order to ensure the gift is sent to the recipient at the same time every year. The local flower shop will remember the date for you, and can automatically withdraw payment straight from your bank account.

Use an Online Calendar

Online calendars, like apps, are also great for reminding you when a special date is coming up. Generally, these calendars will send you periodic email reminders when a date is approaching so that you have time to get prepared. You’ll never forget an important date again!

When it comes to important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, it’s very classy to remember them. Whether you need a reminder for a friend’s birthday, or the anniversary you share with your partner, you’ll feel better knowing that you are always prepared.