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How to Improve Your Workplace Culture

Business owners, managers and employees can all testify that workplace culture makes a huge difference to people’s feelings about their work and the results that are subsequently achieved. In fact, many of us can relate stories of places where the culture of the organisation has been positive and even inspiring, or alternatively, underwhelming or oppressive.

In order to have a staff that is motivated, enthused passionate, loyal, efficient and productive, steps must be taken to build a positive culture within the workplace. This does not happen without thought, care and attention and a genuine commitment to the atmosphere and values of the company.


In any organisation, strong leadership of high quality can make all the difference. Essentially, the attitudes and values of the person at the head of the organisation emanate through it and define what really matters and characterises the organisation.

To be effective in such a position, it is important to truly be a leader rather than a boss or worse still, a dictator. There is a significant difference in being a boss or being a leader and when a person is an effective leader, they acquire the support and belief of their staff.

Acknowledge Great Performance:

If you are to have happy, committed and motivated staff, it is important that hard work, achievement and good performance are always acknowledged. There are many ways that this can occur, including: public recognition, the provision of more interesting or dynamic work and the giving of gifts, such as: gift baskets or gift hampers (which make ideal presents for this purpose).

It is never wise to avoid giving recognition for work well done; to do so only creates apathy and disillusionment.


As with all relationships, communication is essential to success and the development of positive relationships. To foster and nurture a productive and positive workplace culture, communication should always be clear and frequent regarding the issues that matter most. Be interested to know the opinions and perspectives of your employees as they can provide you with some important insights and an improved understanding of the sentiments of your staff.

Also, keep in mind that your staff are likely to trust and feel loyal to your business when they feel informed and kept across the things that matter.

Create opportunities:

If you are serious about building, developing or changing the culture of your workplace for the positive, you need to create opportunities for your staff to develop new skills and grow through learning. Staff members almost invariably appreciate and respond well to the opportunity to diversify and add to their skills (and perhaps qualifications) and this can certainly breed positivity in the workplace.

Encourage innovation:

Another way to create a positive workplace culture is to encourage creativity and innovation. Be willing to give staff the freedom to try new ways of doing things and encourage the close analysis and evaluation of what works well and what does not – this will lead to improved practices, processes, operations and possibly, improved products.

An enthused workforce and positive attitudes are critical to the success of your business. Some of the most successful businesses realise that to reap the benefits of profitability, enhanced productivity and brand recognition, investment in people and the culture of the workplace is essential.