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Gratitude Gifts

3 Ways to Acknowledge a Job Well Done

Forward thinking and effective organisations realise the importance of acknowledging when work has been done well. In order for employees to feel satisfied and to have their efforts validated, an overt expression of gratitude and recognition of their efforts is most significant.

Of course, there are a number of different ways in which to acknowledge a job well done. Here we take a look at three of the best:

1: Gift baskets

You would be hard pressed to find a person that does not appreciate receiving a quality gift basket and believe this to be a fitting acknowledgement for their hard work and achievements. Corporate gift baskets and gift hampers come in a variety of styles and can either be chosen from the ‘menu’ of an online gift basket specialist or tailored to suit individual tastes and preferences.

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How to Improve Your Workplace Culture

Business owners, managers and employees can all testify that workplace culture makes a huge difference to people’s feelings about their work and the results that are subsequently achieved. In fact, many of us can relate stories of places where the culture of the organisation has been positive and even inspiring, or alternatively, underwhelming or oppressive.

In order to have a staff that is motivated, enthused passionate, loyal, efficient and productive, steps must be taken to build a positive culture within the workplace. This does not happen without thought, care and attention and a genuine commitment to the atmosphere and values of the company.


In any organisation, strong leadership of high quality can make all the difference. Essentially, the attitudes and values of the person at the head of the organisation emanate through it and define what really matters and characterises the organisation.

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How to Acknowledge Great Performance

If you are to truly and genuinely create a workplace in which your staff feel motivated and valued, investment in corporate culture and the approach of your business to its employees must be a priority.

So, how can an organisation appropriately acknowledge the effective performance of employees?


No matter what happens in a workplace, the fact remains that people appreciate and love to receive gifts as a reward and acknowledgement of their hard work and success. Of course, some thought needs to be put into the types of gifts that make suitable presents for such an occasion, but as a rule, gift baskets always make an ideal present.

Gift baskets and gift hampers can almost always be tailored the tastes and interests of the recipient and also crafted to fit the budget and ideas of the business giving the gift.

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5 of the Best Ways to Express Gratitude

In business and in so many other areas of life, expressing gratitude and saying thank you is not only good manners, it is so often crucial for the maintenance of productive and effective relationships. Gift giving is a popular, time honoured and appropriate way of expressing gratitude in many contexts and so it follows that there is a huge range of thank you gifts that suitably convey gratitude and appreciation.

Gifts of gratitude can be elaborate and luxurious or simple and uncomplicated; it will largely depend on the person, the circumstances and the relationship that exists. Here we take a look at five popular gifts for expressing gratitude:

1:  Gift baskets

Gift baskets make an ideal and complete gift for saying thank you. Perennially popular items can be included in gift baskets and gift hampers, including: champagne, wine, beer, chocolates, gourmet treats and delectable varieties of coffee. Gift givers have the option of choosing from a menu of gift hampers or choosing the products that they would like to include in a uniquely tailored gift basket.

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