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Gifts that Spoil

Keeping Track of Birthdays and Anniversaries

While many people justify forgetting birthdays and anniversaries by blaming their poor memory or their stressful schedule at work, it’s actually very important that you remember special dates of those you’re close with. Whether it’s a co-worker, friend, family member or significant other, remembering important dates shows that you respect and care about them. With a little bit of dedication and a lot of organisation, you can easily remember the birthdays and anniversaries that are important. Here are some tips:

Create a Master List

While creating a master list of all the important dates may seem like a daunting task, you will feel very good about yourself once you’re finished. When starting your list, write down all the dates that you know by heart and the ones you can find out easily from sources like Facebook or old calendars. Then, make a commitment to add to the list every time you remember or learn of another significant date. This is a really great start to your list, and gets you one step closer towards never forgetting a birthday or anniversary again!

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The Best Moments to Give a Gift

Gifts are not merely material objects that are given from one person to another; they are objects or actions that reveal some unspoken understanding between people. While the specific reasons we give gifts are varied, there are some very special moments that are commonly acknowledged with gift giving. Whether you want to give someone something simple like a gift basket, or something bigger and more romantic like a diamond necklace, the following are some of the best moments to do it.

To cheer someone up

Sometimes it’s not so much the gift, but the act of giving it that can cheer someone up when they’re feeling down. Gifts prove that you care about someone and that you are thinking about them enough to want to give them something nice. Whether they have lost a loved one, taken a wrong turn in life, or are simply feeling down, a gift from someone they love may be just the thing they need.

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Effective Hinting to Your Partner About Your Anniversary

An anniversary is an important time for couples to spend quality time together celebrating their years as a couple and renewing their love and commitment. Unfortunately, it happens all too often that one person remembers the date, while the other forgets. If your partner makes a habit of forgetting this special day, then it’s important to remember that, while you may feel crushed when it happens, some people simply aren’t good at remembering dates. Instead of getting pushy, help them out a little by leaving some effective yet unobtrusive hints that will remind them of the date before it becomes too late.

Write it down

The easiest way to leave clues regarding your impending anniversary is to simply write it down somewhere that you partner is sure to notice it. For example, marking the date on the calendar, in their phone, on your to-do list, and so forth, is useful because they are places you would naturally write it down anyway. Then, if your partner happens to notice it, they will be too busy starting to think about the anniversary to even wonder why it had been written down in the first place.

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Repairing a Rough Patch in Your Relationship

Popular culture would have us believe that once love is attained, life becomes as simple as living out your “happily ever after”. In reality, however, there are ups and downs in every relationship, no matter how healthy and strong it is. Although it can be an unsettling period of time, a rough patch doesn’t automatically mean that the relationship is doomed or that the people involved aren’t compatible. When couples argue, feel estranged or can’t see eye to eye, it often means each person’s feelings and desires aren’t being heard. If you and your partner are currently experiencing a rough patch, the following tips will help you move through it and get back to the joy of being in love.

Identify the Key Issues

More often than not, rough patches are a direct result of small issues that, over time and through lack of communication, become much larger sources of conflict. If you and your partner are serious about getting through this tough period, then take the time to determine what is the root cause of the dissatisfaction. Chances are good that the problem may be something slight, but you and your partner have lost the ability to clearly see the issue because the behaviours it produced became the primary focus. No feelings exist in isolation, so once you understand the problem, you can both start fixing it.

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Finding Ways to Relax With Your Partner

Being able to relax with your partner is important for building a long, healthy relationship together. There is so much stress to contend with in daily life that not allowing for time to unwind together will only put a strain on the connection that you have. While it’s easy to dream up peaceful moments where you and your special someone are relaxing together, it’s quite another thing to actually find the time and decide on ways to relax that will bring you peace, clarity and that much needed rest. If you are having a hard time turning your dreams of relaxation into a reality, read on for some tips.

Plan Early

Planning your holidays early is a great way to ensure that, once they arrive, they will be far more relaxing and enjoyable. Planning early also gives you and your partner a chance to get the same time off work if necessary, and will give you something to look forward to together. If you begin planning your holidays early, you can also decide what you want to do and sort out all the little details well before the time comes. This way, you can dive into the relaxation part of your holidays much faster.

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10 Memorable Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

When you want to say ‘I love you’, there are many wonderful, memorable and different ways to express this important sentiment — both with and without words. Saying ‘I love you’ is important, and while there are special days for doing this, such as Valentine’s Day, remember that most people crave to know that they are loved every day of the year.

It’s definitely possible to say ‘I love you’ without resorting to clichéd, tired and overused methods.

1:  Gift baskets or hampers

A stunning and individually tailored gift basket that incorporates many of your loved one’s favourite things. From wine and coffee, to delicious chocolates, gourmet treats and even elegant pampering and luxury products, quality gift baskets can be personalised and prepared so that your someone special is delighted and suitably impressed by your efforts to appeal to their tastes.

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Putting the Romance Back into Your Relationship

It is a reality for many couples — despite being in love, the romance and passion that was once so strong and intense can dissipate with the demands of everyday life. Thankfully, there are many enjoyable and effective ways to rekindle the romance in a relationship, enabling couples to experience the love and intensity of feeling that characterises the early stages of a relationship — better known as the ‘honeymoon’ period.

Here we take a look at seven great ways to re-establish your connection with your partner and get back on the ‘romance track’:

1:  Take time and enjoy the little details

There is quite some truth to the notion that it is ‘the little things that count’. When it comes to romance, writing and receiving lovely, thoughtful notes that say ‘I love you’ or ‘Have a wonderful day’ can really make a difference. Similarly, calling, texting or sending your partner an unexpected, affectionate email can brighten their day and enhance the connection that you share.

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3 of the Best Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

One of the best things about knowing someone who is truly passionate about chocolate is that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a gift. There are some truly wonderful chocolate themed gifts available and gifts that will delight and excite chocolate lovers everywhere.

1:  Gift hampers

For so many occasions and so many people, gift baskets make an outstanding and much appreciated present. Gift hampers are available to suit a variety of tastes and interests and include: picnic hampers, gourmet baskets and wine gift baskets. However, for the chocolate lovers amongst us, there are so many decadent, delicious and desirable chocolate hampers available that there is no problem making a gift choice!

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How to Choose the Ideal Gift

As hard as you may try, selecting an ‘ideal’ gift can be challenging, even when you are choosing a gift for someone you know quite well. In a corporate context, selection of the perfect gift can be all the more difficult as you may have few clues about the person’s preferences and tastes. However, by picking up on clues and following some general guidelines, choosing an ideal gift can be all the easier.

Realise that fresh and original gifts are appreciated:

When thought, time and effort have been invested in the selection of a gift, it often shows because the gift is not something the recipient necessarily would have imagined receiving. It isn’t always simple or straightforward to come up with fresh and original gift ideas, but items such as gift baskets and gift hampers can be creatively composed so that they contain appreciated and much desired items – that a person may not ordinarily buy for him or herself.

Always choose an appropriate gift:

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5 Luxurious Gifts that are Sure to Please

Gifts that exude luxury, comfort and decadence will always be in style. In corporate situations, it is quite common to give a gift of luxury, but knowing precisely what to give can be more challenging. No matter who you are buying for or the reason for making the actual purchase, we have a range of luxurious gifts that will not fail to please the most discerning individuals and those whose efforts and service warrant a gift of luxury.

1:  Gift baskets

Gift baskets are a wonderful gift idea and can be tailored to include a range of luxurious items. Perhaps the finest and most sophisticated champagne is appropriate; perhaps the smoothest, handcrafted chocolates from one of the world’ finest chocolatiers fits the bill?
If you would also like to include items other than food in your luxury gift hamper, it is possible to have the highest quality robes and slippers and scented candles included, together with an extensive range of other luxury items.

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