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The Strangest Birthday Traditions in the World

While we automatically accept the birthday celebrations and traditions that are central to our own culture and lifestyle, it is always interesting to learn more about the ways that birthdays and special holidays are celebrated in other parts of the world.

Christmas is one celebration that is acknowledged and celebrated differently by Christians across the world. In Australia, we commonly accept and follow a range of traditions and symbols such as Christmas trees, acknowledgement of the birth of Christ, the giving of Christmas hampers filled with delicious ‘Christmas-themed’ products and gathering with our loved ones on December 25. Of course, the celebration and tradition of Christmas occurs differently in other parts of the world.

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Special Housewarming Presents for Your Friends

The excitement of moving into a new house should be appropriately acknowledged with a special housewarming present. Because so many people now have all of the household items that they need, it is a great idea to choose a special gift (that may well be unique and personal or practical and useful), to welcome friends to their new home.

When choosing a special housewarming gift, remember that there really are no rules. However, the selection of a gift that best represents you, your friend and the relationship that you have, will always be special!

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Enjoying a Weekend Getaway in the Hunter Valley

For wine lovers, and so many others, New South Wales’ Hunter Valley is the most superb location for a weekend getaway. Perfectly located, this thriving region is a two-hour drive from Sydney and offers an extensive range of accommodation options, stunning wineries and world-class restaurants.

Many people choose the Hunter Valley as a location in which to relax and slow down — it’s perfect for this! However, for those who want to explore the area, see the sights and participate in activities, the Hunter Valley will not disappoint.

Heaven for wine lovers…

The Lower Hunter Valley is acknowledged for pioneering Australian wine tourism and is today respected and enjoyed as one of the best locations for lovers of wine. Hunter Valley wines are world class and the Lower Hunter area is home to a large range of gorgeous wineries. Spending some time visiting and tasting wine at these beautiful wineries is highly recommended, particularly if you appreciate fine wines and the wine making process.

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10 Scenic Picnic Spots in Australia

There’s no denying that Australia is a place of infinite beauty and variation and, in light of this, our country is home to many superb and very scenic picnic spots. No matter whether you bring a gift basket full of gourmet delicacies or simple sandwiches and your own picnic rug, Australia’s best picnic spots are sure to be enjoyed and appreciated for their beauty, natural features and romantic qualities.

So, where are 10 of the best picnic spots in Australia?

1:  Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley has deservedly earned the reputation of the ‘wine capital of Australia’ and is renowned for its beautiful views, the finest quality wine and wonderful local produce. The location of the Barossa Valley — just one hour’s drive from Adelaide — makes it the perfect destination for a picnic in a gorgeous location and the perfect way to escape the pace of the city without having to travel too far. Take your own food or collect the most amazing delicacies from local providers.

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What to Eat with Your Red Wine

It seems that many people are acquiring an ever-growing interest in food and, more particularly, the pairing of different foods and wines. In a country that produces some of the world’s best wine and also some of the most amazing food, it makes sense that we love to match our foods and wine.

An individual choice

There’s no denying that when it comes to food and wine, the individual items and pairings that we prefer often come down to individual choice. Because everyone has a different and very personal sense of taste, it is appropriate that we should all decide for ourselves which combinations of food and wine taste the best.

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