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Unique Gift Basket Themes for this Father’s Day

Buying gifts for the men in your life especially your dad can be difficult. They always claim not to want anything, but you still want to honour them on Father’s Day, of course! Worry not. You can always rely on gift hampers for this occasion. Here are some unique gift basket ideas for Father’s Day.

For the Dad, Who Loves Beer:

Instead of a frilly basket that you would typically give your mum, get your dad an insulated six-pack tote bag filled with his favourite beers. The tote bag is especially handy if he likes to take his beer to the park, the beach, or to parties. It can keep his beloved beverages cool for many hours! Be sure throw in local and imported premium beers. You can also add premium mixed nuts, chocolate fudge cookies, and other goodies that might go well with beer.

For the Dad, Who Loves Whisky:

You can’t go wrong with a Father’s Day gift hamper with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky in it. Make the basket even more special by adding fancy potato chips, dips, premium nut and pretzel blends, and chocolates. Make sure that everything will be delivered in a luxurious gift box for added impact.

For the Dad, Who Loves to Cook:

If yours is the type of dad who is extra proud of his kitchen and grilling skills, then a Father’s Day basket with all kinds of exotic spices will surely be appreciated. Why not add a cookbook, too? Some of the best gift hamper companies online will let you add a specialty ‘The Great Aussie Bloke’s Cookbook’ before check out. You can also go for a ‘Master Chef’ gift hamper that’s simply perfect for Father’s Day. The basket comes with a Master Chef cookbook and apron, plus many other goodies. 

Essential Things to Add in Easter Hampers

Easter hampers won’t be complete without specific elements, including chocolate eggs. This is because eggs traditionally represent rebirth, which is the meaning of Easter. Chocolate Easter eggs also symbolise the coming of spring as well as the Resurrection of Christ in Christian doctrine. The first chocolate Easter eggs were said to have been made in the 19th century. Before this time, real eggs were painted colourfully for kids to find on an Easter egg hunt. Now, Easter baskets contain more than just chocolate eggs-they also have chocolate coated fruits (like strawberries and apricots) as well as other sweet treats.

A bunny is another traditional element in an Easter egg basket. Not a real rabbit, of course-a stuffed bunny or a chocolate bunny, will do. Rabbits and hares have always been associated with fertility. Their inclusion into Easter customs originated in Germany, where kids were told tales of Easter hares who lay eggs for them to find.

Traditional Easter baskets still contain these two elements plus a few extras. There are no rules-you can add anything to your Easter hamper. To make it luxurious, why not throw in a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial, or a good wine? These alcoholic beverages go excellently with chocolate eggs!

You can even choose to go with a lovely Easter fondue that contains a ceramic fondue, two forks, and milk chocolate eggs that your recipient can melt and enjoy. For the ultimate Easter egg hunt, send over a box of 100 chocolate eggs and a chocolate rabbit.

Easter is all about celebrating new beginnings and spending time with the people you love. Make the day extra special by bringing an Easter hamper to your family’s celebration. Order them online, where you will find a wide range of Easter baskets.

Choosing Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day

Whether you’re looking for something special to give your mum for Mother’s Day or simply want to let her know how special she is to you even if there’s no occasion, you will never go wrong with a gift hamper. Why give your mum just one gift when you can give her little thoughtful items all wrapped up in a nice hamper? Here are some unique Mother’s Day hamper gift ideas that will surely be appreciated:

Tea and Memories

Does your mom enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon? Give her a Mother’s Day hamper containing a fine bone china tea pot, a box of special teas, and a beautiful photo frame she will be proud to display at home. Why not add some extra touches, like a book and a box of chocolates, perhaps?

Mother’s Day Hampers for Avid Cooks

A hamper containing fancy olives, peppers, sesame seeds, and gourmet concoctions will go a long way for a mum who loves to cook. Make your hamper extra thoughtful by throwing in a recipe journal! Choose a cloth bound, high quality notebook with section dividers that will help your mum easily access her recipes by type (for example, soups and starters, meat and poultry, seafood, vegetables, pasta, salads, desserts, etc,).

Pampering Mother’s Day Hamper

Like most mums, yours probably takes care of everyone else before caring for herself. So give her the gift of pampering! Include a nice body wash, body lotion, hand therapy lotion, and a scented candle in your Mother’s Day hamper. Perhaps you can even throw in lose tea leaves or tea bags in a gorgeous canister—she can enjoy a nice cup while in the bath.

Order your Mother’s day gift hampers online. It’s convenient and easy. Though ready-made hampers are offered, you can always add an item or to make your gift unique.

Best 5 Father’s Day Gift Hampers Choices

Father’s Day is that special time of the year to honour dads, celebrate fatherhood and appreciate those men who guided us during our adolescence. Gifts—though not expected—can certainly make dads feel loved and appreciated. Not quite sure what to give that special man in your life? Father’s Day hampers are fantastic options. You can order them online even at the last minute and can even customise them as you wish. Here are five of the best Father’s Day gift hampers that you can find online, all of which can be personalised with an additional item or two before checkout:

  1. Whisky Gift Basket: This is a perfect gift for a dad with a penchant for elegance and luxury. Choose a hamper with a bottle of premium whisky, like Johnnie Walker Red Label 700ml. Complete the gift with high-quality nibbles and snack treats, like Ferrero Rocher chocolates, gourmet potato chips, and premium pretzels and nuts.

  2. Beer Gift Hamper: Beer is a great gift for a more laid-back and fun-loving dad. Look for a beer gift basket with a six pack that comes with an insulated tote back to ensure cool beers up to four hours. Make sure it has a variety of snacks, like cookies, nuts, trail mix, and chocolates that he can enjoy with his beer. This gift hamper is perfect for Father’s Day celebrations at the park or the beach.
  1. Gourmet Gift Hamper: A Dad who loves to eat deserves hearty treats on Father’s Day. Give him a gourmet gift hamper that contains a chocolate truffle dessert, an award-winning plunger grinds coffee, premium cheese nibbles, dark chocolate coated oranges, quince paste, and premium dried fruit and nuts.
  1. Gift Hampers for Chefs and Dads Who Love to Cook: Is your father an excellent home cook? Give him a cookbook with fun and contemporary recipes. A comprehensive barbecue set is a perfect gift for a dad who enjoys outdoor barbecue parties. You can consider giving him a chocolate fondue tower or a wine decanter gift set, too.
  1. For the Frequent Traveller: Dads who travel a lot for business need essential things for their trips. Give him a travel set with an all-in-one wash, a shaving cream, and an after-shave balm, all of which should be presented in a beautifully designed and manly gift hamper. This way, you can cover his grooming needs with a stylish travel-sized skincare essential pack.

Special Plans for Mother’s day Gift hampers

Mother’s Day is a special time of the year to celebrate and honour mothers and mother figures, their influence in the society, and maternal bonds around the world. Mums typically put the needs of their family and children before themselves, but this special day is their chance to shine and be pampered. There are many ways to make your mum feel special. Why not give her a beautiful Mother’s Day hamper?

There is no right or wrong choice when giving a Mother’s Day hamper to the most important woman in your life. Of course, you should consider what she wants or what you think she needs. You may pick something that reflects her personality or something that may interest her. The best way to shop for a Mother’s Day gift hamper is to explore the amazing selection online.

You can find Mother’s Day hampers in different shapes and sizes. There are specialty hampers designed for mums who love gardening, chocolates, wine, pampering, tea, and gourmet food. The key is to ensure that the hamper is carefully planned and designed for Mother’s Day. Choose and order a Mother’s Day gift hamper from a reputable gift coordinator and designer, so you can be sure that your present will impress your mum. The best gift hamper coordinators and designers that allow their customers to add extras such as balloons and flowers, alcohol, books, and chocolates for a more unique and personal touch.

Honouring your mother should not be restricted to a single day. You can make any day Mother’s Day with special gift hampers and let your mum know how much you love her and how much she means to you. You can order a gift hamper for your mother online and request it to be delivered to her home or office—just because!

Father’s Day Gift Guide 5 Unique Gifts for Father

Shopping for father’s day gifts can be real fun, although a bit challenging for the inexperienced. If you have been giving your dad the same gift the past several gifts, change things up a little this year and go for something that he will never expect, like a father’s day gift hamper. While gift hampers are often reserved for birthdays and mother’s day, there are many different types of items that you can put into a gift hamper that your father will surely appreciate, especially if you have a good handle of the things he likes. Here are some excellent father’s day gift ideas you can include in a gift hamper:

  • Wine tops the list for father’s day gifts. A nice bottle of wine or some other type of spirit is a great way to greet your dad a happy father’s day and share in the celebration with a heartfelt toast. The great thing about wines is that you can pair it with just about anything, which brings us to the next item on the list.
  • Chocolates and cheeses. Specialty gift stores often carry an entire range of sweets and gourmet cheeses that you can include in your wine hamper.
  • Gourmet treats. Gourmet goodies are also a very popular gift hamper item, as they are both delicious and nutritious. Gourmet treats are also great to pair with wines and beers. Baked goods are also good alternatives
  • Magazines. If your dad fancies reading, a good stack of sports, car, and hobby magazines might just be the perfect hamper content to consider.
  • Personalised accessories. Personalised/engraved accessories are also great gift ideas for Father’s Day, and something that they can truly cherish for a very long time. These are great keepsakes for them to remember you by.

5 Important Items to Include in an Easter Gift Hamper

Easter is one of the most fun events people look forward to, especially children. With all the anticipation for the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunts, and all other traditional Easter activities, do not forget to send out Easter love through thoughtful gifts. Easter gift hampers are great tokens to give out during this festive time, whether you are having people over for a hearty Easter dinner or attending a huge gathering within your community. Gift hampers are truly versatile gifts that can be presented on every occasion. If you want some great ideas for good Easter holiday gifts, the following are important items you should not forget when preparing your gift hampers:

  • No Easter hamper will be complete without some form of chocolate egg. If you have ever wondered by eggs are such an important symbol for Easter, it’s because they represent rebirth, which is practically what Resurrection in Christianity and spring is all about. While painting real eggs is still a great tradition, chocolate eggs make great alternatives, especially when you want to put them in a nice gift hamper.
  • The Easter bunny is also symbolic of the occasion. To add a cute twist to your gift, include a stuffed bunny in the arrangement.
  • Your friends will need something to wash down all the sweet treats with. Add a bottle or two of your choice of beer or a nice bottle of wine that best goes with your chocolates.
  • Baked goods and other sweet treats are also great Easter gift hamper items to include, especially when you want to present it as a token to a dinner host.
  • Along with other delicious treats, you may also include gourmet goodies to complete your Easter hamper set.

How to Add Value to Your Mother’s Day Hamper

Mother’s day is such a special time to recognize one of the most special women, if not the most special woman in every one’s life—mums. If you want to make this day extra memorable for your beloved mother, cooking up a nice, intimate celebration is a good way to start, although something as simple as sending them a thoughtful, practical gift will also do the trick. Mothers deserve to be appreciated every day, but there is something about this holiday that is simply more sentimental, mostly because it is a day that has been specifically set aside to celebrate their love, hard work, and sacrifices. Here are ways to add more value and personal touch to your mother’s day gift hamper:

  • Personalise to the last detail. One of the best things about gift hampers is that they can easily be tailored and customised to include items and gifts that will surely make the recipient smile. Creating a mix of some of your mum’s favourite things is a great way to start. Choose items that you think your mother will enjoy or that she needs at the moment. Your thoughtfulness adds great value to the gift, whether you choose to send a fruit or gourmet basket, flowers, balloons, recipes, or any other gift items.
  • Creating a pamper package for your mum is also a great idea for a mother’s day hamper. Along with pampering products, you can toss in a gift check or voucher for a spa trip or a similar type of treatment. It will surely bring her a great deal of relaxation and escape from daily stresses.
  • There are many other ways to spruce up your usual mother’s day gift hamper, from sending a personal card with short messages from every member of the family with the entire package, to including family pictures, and delivering the package yourself.

Father’s Day Hampers: Best Gift Ideas for Father’s Day Celebration

Not all dads are the same, but they pretty much like very similar things. Give them anything that has to do with sports, building things, barbecue, technology, and cars, and you will make them one happy fellow, whether it is for their birthday or for father’s day. If you want to show your appreciation for all the love and hard work that your dad does for you and the rest of the family, here are awesome Father’s day gift hamper ideas to brighten your Father’s day celebration:

  • Outdoor hobbies – If your dad is the outgoing type or has a certain outdoor hobby or sport that he likes most, build your gift hamper around such activity and include items that he can sure use for this hobby. The best specialty gift stores can provide you with plenty of awesome options to fill your dad’s gift hampers with items and goodies he will surely love. Some great items to include are treats that they can munch on, some beers, and some useful accessories that can help them enjoy their outdoor hobby, from fishing poles to hooks, golf accessories, etc.
  • Indoor hobbies – However, if your dad is more a homebody than he is outdoorsy, consider something that he can enjoy indoors like a good book, music, tools, and even grilling accessories.
  • A hodgepodge of his favourite things – If your dad is a complex person with complex interests, make him a father’s day hamper that will make all other father’s day hamper jealous by putting together all of his favourite things. Good bottles of booze along with gourmet treats, cheeses, chocolates, barbequing stuff, sports/tech magazines, books, and other exciting treats will make your Father’s day hamper a gift to beat.