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Enjoying a Weekend Getaway in the Hunter Valley

For wine lovers, and so many others, New South Wales’ Hunter Valley is the most superb location for a weekend getaway. Perfectly located, this thriving region is a two-hour drive from Sydney and offers an extensive range of accommodation options, stunning wineries and world-class restaurants.

Many people choose the Hunter Valley as a location in which to relax and slow down — it’s perfect for this! However, for those who want to explore the area, see the sights and participate in activities, the Hunter Valley will not disappoint.

Heaven for wine lovers…

The Lower Hunter Valley is acknowledged for pioneering Australian wine tourism and is today respected and enjoyed as one of the best locations for lovers of wine. Hunter Valley wines are world class and the Lower Hunter area is home to a large range of gorgeous wineries. Spending some time visiting and tasting wine at these beautiful wineries is highly recommended, particularly if you appreciate fine wines and the wine making process.

Food, food, food…

Given the strong wine-making influence of the area, it comes as no surprise that the Hunter Valley is also populated with many wonderful places to eat. Many wineries serve food and some fabulous restaurants can also be found throughout the area.

Not only can you expect delicious, fine-quality food in the Hunter Valley, but you are also bound to experience outstanding service in some spectacularly beautiful locations with a delightful atmosphere.

Perfect for a picnic…

There are so many locations throughout the Hunter Valley that make perfect picnic spots. On a weekend getaway, one of the best things you can do is take a gift basket full of delicious goodies and find a scenic and tranquil spot in which to enjoy the food (and wine!) and the company of your loved one(s). Taking this rare opportunity is wonderful for the soul and is sure to provide some wonderful memories.

Next time someone asks you what you’d like for Christmas or your birthday, request a Christmas hamper or picnic hamper and save the goodies for a picnic that you enjoy while on a relaxing Hunter Valley getaway!

Hunter Valley Gardens…

Located in the Lower Hunter Valley, the Hunter Valley Gardens are well worth a visit and can provide a perfect break from wine tasting. Magnificently maintained, these gardens are as relaxing as they are beautiful, and taking the opportunity to enjoy a picnic in these gardens is highly recommended.

The gardens are located at the foothills of the Brokenback Ranges and cover some 25 hectares of land. In these gardens you can expect to find amazing sights, colours and scents; 12 feature gardens are a highlight of the location. The Hunter Valley Gardens offer new discoveries, amazing scenery and breathtaking views.


Many people plan a Hunter Valley getaway to coincide with the performances and special events that so often take place in the area. World class entertainers quite frequently perform in the Hunter Valley and the concert season usually runs from September/October to March/April each year.

The Hunter Valley provides a magnificent backdrop to these performances that attract so many people from around Australia and beyond.

The Hunter Valley is a magnificent region and is absolutely perfect for a weekend getaway. The great thing about the Hunter Valley is that it’s possible to do as much or as little as you want while relaxing and enjoying the beauty and character of the area.