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Effective Hinting to Your Partner About Your Anniversary

An anniversary is an important time for couples to spend quality time together celebrating their years as a couple and renewing their love and commitment. Unfortunately, it happens all too often that one person remembers the date, while the other forgets. If your partner makes a habit of forgetting this special day, then it’s important to remember that, while you may feel crushed when it happens, some people simply aren’t good at remembering dates. Instead of getting pushy, help them out a little by leaving some effective yet unobtrusive hints that will remind them of the date before it becomes too late.

Write it down

The easiest way to leave clues regarding your impending anniversary is to simply write it down somewhere that you partner is sure to notice it. For example, marking the date on the calendar, in their phone, on your to-do list, and so forth, is useful because they are places you would naturally write it down anyway. Then, if your partner happens to notice it, they will be too busy starting to think about the anniversary to even wonder why it had been written down in the first place.

Send them gifts

Take the initiative and start giving your partner “just because” gifts, such as a gift basket, a bouquet of flowers, or anything else they might like. On the card, write something nice like, “I can’t wait to celebrate our love together next week!” rather than a nagging, “Don’t forget our anniversary next week” statement. Similarly, you could put together a champagne hamper to enjoy together, and when your partner asks what the occasion is you could tell them it’s a preliminary celebration of your love. This way, even if your spouse has forgotten the anniversary, the note will give them a chance to catch their mistake before any damage is done.

Talk about past anniversaries

When it feels natural in conversation, start reminiscing about past anniversaries with a special focus on activities your partner had planned before that made the day really special. This will subtly remind them about the anniversary and get them thinking about anniversary plans that could top all the ones gone by.

Look through old wedding photos

Either look through your old wedding album in a place where your partner is nearby, or ask your partner if they want to look at the album with you. This is a fantastic way to create an opportunity for your partner to clue in to the upcoming anniversary without you having to send any really obvious hints.

Enlist help

If you have a friend who is also close friends with your partner, you can always enlist their help to drop hints. Get them to casually mention something like, “isn’t your anniversary coming up soon?” so that your partner can remember without feeling put on the spot. Similarly, you can ask for help from co-workers, secretaries, or even family members that are close to your partner.

Whatever you decide will work best for reminding your partner of your anniversary, always make sure you aren’t too obvious about it. If it turns out they have actually remembered it, then doubting them in an obvious way could end up hurting their feelings or ruining any surprises they planned.