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3 of the Best Corporate Gifts for Christmas 2011

It almost seems inconceivable that Christmas 2011 is just a matter of weeks away. Although it feels as though we have just recovered from the last silly season, it is a perhaps scary reality that we need to now be making preparations and getting organised for the festive season this year.

For many businesses, the need to focus attention on corporate gift giving is urgent. Christmas is quickly advancing and this is very often coupled with the need to buy multiple gifts. Subsequently, organisations can become inundated and run out of time unless they now organise the corporate gifts that they will give.

Because it is important to choose corporate gifts that are desired, will be appreciated and communicate a positive message about your organisation, it is important to invest thought in their selection and make wise, informed choices. Here we take a look at three of the best corporate gifts for Christmas 2011.

1: Gift baskets

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4 Reasons Why Corporate Gift Giving Matters

While businesses of all types and sizes have many issues and matters to deal with, the importance of corporate gift giving should never be minimised or neglected. Not only is corporate gift giving respectful and an effective way to express appreciation, it also communicates important and influential messages about your organisation.

Why does corporate gift giving matter so much?

1:  A great way to acknowledge gratitude

Smart businesses realise that if you expect the best from staff, you must take the appropriate actions to express gratitude for outstanding effort and results. When staff feel appropriately and sufficiently acknowledged and thanked, morale, productivity and effectiveness tend to simultaneously increase.

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How to Choose a Gift that Reflects the Values of Your Organisation

Corporate gifts are important not only because they acknowledge a special event or achievement or are used to show gratitude, but also because they reflect the values and approach of your organisation. A gift to an individual or company is not just a gift for them – opinions about your organisation will be formed according to the gift that is given.

While the selection of a gift can be difficult enough (particularly if you do not know a person so well or know much about their tastes and preferences), the good news is that it is definitely possible to purchase gifts that epitomise the professionalism of your organisation.

Much thought is often invested in the selection of a gift. While you may choose a gift that is reflective of the recipient’s interests or character, some gifts are appropriate and well received no matter who they are for.

Gift baskets :

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3 Tips for Selecting a Corporate Gift

It is so often the case that you are bestowed with the honour (or definite challenge) of sourcing and selecting a gift on behalf of your organisation or for someone within your organisation. Chances are, you do not have an incredibly extensive knowledge of the person you are buying for, including their likes, dislikes, preferences and interests.

The very good (and very welcome) news is that you need not feel the previously experienced intensity of pressure. There are some very helpful tips for selecting a quality and much appreciated corporate gift.

1:  Choose a quality gift basket

Part of the difficulty in selecting a corporate gift is that you want to convey a sentiment of gratitude and appreciation while showing fine taste.

Corporate gift baskets are absolutely ideal because they can be tailored to include items that you prefer and desire and can be themed so that the recipient’s interests and tastes are reflected. For example, you may decide that your organisation will send a gift hamper to an employee who has delivered excellent service to the company. You may choose to send a picnic hamper or perhaps a chocolate gift basket, based on what you know and understand about the person. Alternatively, it may be common knowledge that the recipient is a connoisseur of wine. In this instance, a specialised wine gift basket which includes some of the most delicious and respected varietals, is sure to bring delight to the person that is to receive it.

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4 Original Gift Ideas

In a corporate context, gift giving can be especially tricky – particularly if you are charged with choosing a gift for a person that you do not know well. When you do not have an extensive knowledge of the gift recipient, their interests, tastes and preferences, choosing a gift that they will appreciate can be challenging.

However, there are many original, stylish and interesting gifts available that are sure to please the people that receive them. Here we look at four of them:

1:  Gift baskets

It is no wonder that gift baskets and gift hampers are a perennially popular choice of corporate gift. It is possible to select products and items so that you develop a completely unique and bespoke gift basket, or you can choose from the baskets that online companies offer as standard.

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3 of the Best Corporate Gifts

Quite often, the task of buying a corporate gift is even more difficult than buying any other type of gift. In the corporate world, reputation, image and professionalism are paramount and these qualities must be reflected in the gifts that your provide.

In corporate settings, the giving of a gift sends a message about your company and has the power to build or detract from its presence and standing in relation to the field more broadly and certainly your competitors. Thinking carefully about the gifts that you give is always a wise move and one that can pay professional dividends.

And of course, when a corporate gift is given, the idea is that it will delight your recipient. Just as you hope that the gift you have selected will please a person that you know well, a corporate gift will hopefully impress even the most discerning person.

So, what are some of the best corporate gift ideas?

1:  Gift baskets

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