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How to Choose a Gift with Style

When it comes to gift giving, and in particular gift giving in the corporate world, you want to give a gift that is stylish, contemporary and appreciated by the recipient. This is not always easy. It is sometimes the case that you do not know the person for whom you need to buy particularly well or perhaps you know them quite well and realise that they are particular in taste and therefore quite difficult to buy for.

Fear not, it is possible to choose a gift with style that will delight the recipient. Although it can be a daunting and dubious honour to be charged with making the purchase, by following some of these tips for contemporary, popular and stylish gift choices, don’t be surprised if the person is visibly, audibly and obviously delighted by their gift!


Gift baskets:

Gift baskets are a perennial good choice of gift and for very good reason. Gift baskets and gift hampers can be tailored so that the things that the gift recipient most enjoys or is most interested in are included. For example, if the woman for whom you are selecting a gift loves chocolate and champagne, these can be included in a gift basket. Alternatively, the woman may be more inclined to enjoy a picnic hamper or luxury package…again, these can be accommodated by choosing or tailoring a gift basket.


If you are buying for a woman, cosmetics in this season’s most fashionable hues make a great choice. You may feel some trepidation about this and fear that you don’t know the person’s preferred brands or colours. Don’t worry at all; by selecting a high end brand and opting for the season’s featured colours (or classic, timeless colour combinations), you can’t go wrong.

There are some fabulous eye shadow and other make up colour palettes now available and nail enamel is fast becoming a popular gift choice.


If you pay close attention or have asked around, you might be aware of the gift recipient’s favourite scent. Other than buying a standard bottle of perfume, it is possible to buy purse spray versions of many of the most popular scents.

The packaging and presentation of many of these bottles are beautiful and are decidedly stylish. Not only will the recipient enjoy the fragrance, they are also likely to think of you or the business whenever using the purse spray.

Yoga Mats:

Eco-friendly, hard wearing yoga mats are now available in an array of original and beautiful designs. Yoga is an incredibly popular activity and now there is no need to inhibit individuality or interest by using a yoga mat of one block colour.


Buying for men can be just as worrisome but if you take some cues from the likes and dislikes of the male gift recipient, you are certainly on the right track.

Gift baskets:

As for women, a unique and specifically tailored gift basket can be created for any man. If the person is into beer and savoury snacks or fine food and wine, these can be included in a gift basket or gift hamper. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to receive a beautiful selection of the finest quality foods and other goods?


Many guys love presents that incorporate the latest technology and gadgetry. iPads, digicams, notebooks and games are popular with many males and provide hours of entertainment and technological pleasure. If you know a little about the devices and gadgets that the person already has, accessories to match are often available.

Music, concert tickets and DVDs:

Although you may question how stylish music and DVDs given as presents really are, the fact is that almost every male loves to receive music and DVDs that are to their taste and interests. Added to this, who doesn’t love to go to a live concert or performance? So, for this you will need some insight into their preferences, but when this is known, you are well placed to select a much appreciated gift!


It may seem a risky choice of present, but so many stylish sunglasses, that are versatile and classic, are now available…and they look great on the faces of many people.

Sunglasses are an often appreciated gift because, to many people, stylish and more expensive sunglasses are a luxury item that they believe they can do without. However, receiving them as a gift is different!

With a little creativity and thought, it is certainly possible to select a gift with style, even for the most ‘difficult to buy for’ people.