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How to Choose a Gift that Reflects the Values of Your Organisation

Corporate gifts are important not only because they acknowledge a special event or achievement or are used to show gratitude, but also because they reflect the values and approach of your organisation. A gift to an individual or company is not just a gift for them – opinions about your organisation will be formed according to the gift that is given.

While the selection of a gift can be difficult enough (particularly if you do not know a person so well or know much about their tastes and preferences), the good news is that it is definitely possible to purchase gifts that epitomise the professionalism of your organisation.

Much thought is often invested in the selection of a gift. While you may choose a gift that is reflective of the recipient’s interests or character, some gifts are appropriate and well received no matter who they are for.

Gift baskets :

If ever there was a gift that people love to receive, it would have to be gift baskets. The advantage of gifts of this nature is that they can be tailored to the individual who will receive it or tailored according to the desires or expectations of your organisation. For example, you may want to give a person a chocolate gift basket or a gourmet gift hamper because you know that the person appreciates fine foods.

Many online gift hamper specialist companies offer a menu of gift hampers from which you can choose or the option of crafting your own unique gift basket. Many people find it useful to use such a menu as a guide and a starting point from which to put their own basket together.

In terms of the message that is conveyed about your organisation, corporate gift baskets almost invariably create a favourable impression. When they are so professionally and attractively presented, gift hampers are immediately impressive and the fact that high quality products are included communicates that your business is committed to excellence and achievement of the highest standards.

An enjoyable or fulfilling experience:

Other than material goods, it is becoming increasingly common for organisations to give the gift of an experience. Particularly when you have little to no knowledge of the types of things a person or group will appreciate, the gift of an experience can be very well received.

The options of a fulfilling and enjoyable gift are almost limitless. A fabulous meal at a first class restaurant makes a lovely corporate gift, but if you are after something more unusual and adventurous, you may even consider adrenaline fuelled activities or opportunities for teams to strengthen relationships and the ways that they work together.

Naturally, the type of experience that you may choose to give will depend on the message and values of your organisation that you wish to project. If you seek to reflect a professional and generous impression, a quality meal or event may be appropriate, whereas a fun activity may be better aligned to a company that wants to project a dynamic and youthful image.

All corporate gifts reflect the values and approach of your business. Because of this, it is important to choose and give gifts that strengthen your business identity and ethos and convey the messages about your organisation that you wish to foreground.