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How to Acknowledge Great Performance

If you are to truly and genuinely create a workplace in which your staff feel motivated and valued, investment in corporate culture and the approach of your business to its employees must be a priority.

So, how can an organisation appropriately acknowledge the effective performance of employees?


No matter what happens in a workplace, the fact remains that people appreciate and love to receive gifts as a reward and acknowledgement of their hard work and success. Of course, some thought needs to be put into the types of gifts that make suitable presents for such an occasion, but as a rule, gift baskets always make an ideal present.

Gift baskets and gift hampers can almost always be tailored the tastes and interests of the recipient and also crafted to fit the budget and ideas of the business giving the gift.

A huge range of gift baskets and gift hampers exist and are possible – ranging from delectable food, wine and coffee to luxurious, pampering type products.

Stimulating and challenging work:

Depending on the individual and the basis of their successful performance, it may be appropriate to offer the person some different and perhaps even more interesting and challenging work as an acknowledgement of their good performance. Sometimes, having a break from the routine tasks that are carried out can be refreshing and renew a person’s enthusiasm and interest in their role, your company and the industry more generally.

It is also quite often the case that recognition of this type costs a business very little. However, each business must determine for itself the extent to which this type of recognition is appropriate and can be accommodated.

Public recognition:

Although some of us are more reticent to step into the spotlight, there is no denying that everyone wants to be recognised for doing their job well. Appreciation can often be shown by publicly recognising an employee for their efforts.

Staff meetings can be a good place for showing such appreciation, otherwise, sending out emails or including an article or piece in a newsletter can also serve to publicly acknowledge the great performance of an employee.

Time away from the office:

Some people certainly appreciate monetary rewards for their hard work and success, but a commodity that is valued and in incredibly short supply for almost everyone is time. The lives that we lead are often hectic and full and so many people want more time to spend with their friends and families.

Creating opportunities for high-performing employees to spend some time away from the workplace can be a great way of acknowledging and rewarding good performance. This is not to say that you should be offering weeks off at a time, but a day, an afternoon or even a couple of hours, will usually be appreciated by your employees. With more time to relax, you may also reap the benefits of employees that return to work feeling re-energised and reinvigorated.

Involve your employees and listen to them:

It is unfortunately too often the case that staff feel their views do not really matter and are not actively sought in their places of work. By involving your staff in decisions and taking a more consultative approach, you are showing that you value the opinions and ideas of your staff and are at least prepared to hear their perspective on issues and particular situations.

There are numerous ways to acknowledge the great performance of your employees, but what really matters is that you are committed and do take the time to recognise their hard work, efforts and achievements.