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5 of the Best Ways to Express Gratitude

In business and in so many other areas of life, expressing gratitude and saying thank you is not only good manners, it is so often crucial for the maintenance of productive and effective relationships. Gift giving is a popular, time honoured and appropriate way of expressing gratitude in many contexts and so it follows that there is a huge range of thank you gifts that suitably convey gratitude and appreciation.

Gifts of gratitude can be elaborate and luxurious or simple and uncomplicated; it will largely depend on the person, the circumstances and the relationship that exists. Here we take a look at five popular gifts for expressing gratitude:

1:  Gift baskets

Gift baskets make an ideal and complete gift for saying thank you. Perennially popular items can be included in gift baskets and gift hampers, including: champagne, wine, beer, chocolates, gourmet treats and delectable varieties of coffee. Gift givers have the option of choosing from a menu of gift hampers or choosing the products that they would like to include in a uniquely tailored gift basket.

Available to suit a range of budgets and always impeccably presented, gift baskets are always a perfect gift to express gratitude and are almost invariably positively received.

2:  Personalised leather iPad or iPhone case

A huge number of people now own and frequently use technology such as an iPad or an iPhone. If the person to whom you need to express gratitude has such an item, giving a personalised leather case for the gadget can make a great present.

As well as being functional and looking very smart, the case will also remind the person of you or your company and the reasons for which they were thanked. Generally speaking, this can evoke many happy memories.

3:  Personalised stationery

Taking the trouble to organise and order stationery that is personalised for the individual is a lovely way to express gratitude and one that will long be remembered (and used!)

Personalised stationery makes a thoughtful gift and, considering the extensive range of sophisticated, fun and stylish designs that are available, there is certainly something to suit every person.

4:  Theatre, concert or sporting event tickets

An increasingly popular way to say thank you is to present the person with tickets to a concert, theatre performance or sporting event. Many times, people purchasing a thank you gift know or find out the person’s interests and are therefore well positioned to make an informed choice about the most appropriate type of tickets.

The person is bound to be pleased when they receive tickets for wonderful seats to a great event. They will undoubtedly look forward to the occasion and afterwards carry many happy memories with them.

5:  Flowers and plants

Expressing gratitude with a beautiful bunch of flowers is a time honoured and lovely way to acknowledge a person and show appreciation for them. Similarly, giving a plant that may find a place on a person’s table, counter or desk, is another way to appropriately and stylishly say thank you.

An extensive variety of fresh, high quality plants are available through online companies.

There are many ways to express gratitude and effectively say thank you. From the simple to the elaborate, taking the time to select a gift and express thanks and appreciation is always important and often, highly appreciated.