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5 Luxurious Gifts that are Sure to Please

Gifts that exude luxury, comfort and decadence will always be in style. In corporate situations, it is quite common to give a gift of luxury, but knowing precisely what to give can be more challenging. No matter who you are buying for or the reason for making the actual purchase, we have a range of luxurious gifts that will not fail to please the most discerning individuals and those whose efforts and service warrant a gift of luxury.

1:  Gift baskets

Gift baskets are a wonderful gift idea and can be tailored to include a range of luxurious items. Perhaps the finest and most sophisticated champagne is appropriate; perhaps the smoothest, handcrafted chocolates from one of the world’ finest chocolatiers fits the bill?
If you would also like to include items other than food in your luxury gift hamper, it is possible to have the highest quality robes and slippers and scented candles included, together with an extensive range of other luxury items.

2:  State of the art technology

While many people in the corporate world use and rely on modern technology, having a top of the line, cutting edge device can represent a welcome piece of luxury. For example, limited edition laptops that are small and sleek in design and light in weight are a much sought after luxury item and one that is all the more appealing because it features wireless internet, a high speed processor and many other elements that are expected from the most recent and most sophisticated technology on the market.

And, when you consider that such a laptop is in limited edition, its luxury value and appropriateness as a luxury gift is all the greater.

3:  A classic, luxury pen

Pens of the world’s finest companies (such as Montblanc) that specialise in the manufacture of exquisite pens, remain a timeless and perfect luxury gift. Some of these pens are coveted the world over and very often feature elaborate detailing and high quality components. In fact, the intricacy of some pens has been compared to the delicate nature and attention to detail of some of the world’s finest couture.

Pens of supreme quality are a wonderful gift and really can make a statement – about your company, the gift recipient, their efforts and the esteem in which they are held and of course, the occasion that is being acknowledged. Many of these pens do come with a correspondingly high price tag, but if you are giving a gift of luxury and the highest quality, a beautiful pen will not disappoint.

4:  Fine art

Even those who do not consider themselves particularly art-savvy, appreciate beautiful fine art. Luxury items such as intricately detailed sculptures and other objects may be created from materials such as: iron, bronze and zinc and can be incredibly powerful in epitomising emotions such as love, and intimacy, as well as time and harmony.

5:  High quality candles

Although candles may seem like a standard and perhaps ordinary gift, luxury versions are anything but. The most beautiful quality candles are available in a range of complex and exquisite scents that subtly pervade rooms and spaces, without over-powering or being overwhelming. It is also possible to choose scents to match particular seasons and personal preferences.

The selection of a luxury gift is important and care needs to be taken when making this choice. However, there are a range of timeless and appreciated luxury gifts that will almost invariably please their corporate recipients.