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5 Gifts to Welcome a New Baby

When you are tasked with buying a gift to welcome a new baby, it can at first seem like a very fun and deceptively easy thing to do, after all there are so many cute and frankly adorable things that it can seem as if you spoilt for choice. However, as you more closely and analytically survey the options, a multitude of doubtful questions can arise, particularly if you are not sure of what the baby’s parents need and want and the level of safety of some items.

Fortunately, we have some great suggestions that are appropriate gifts to acknowledge the birth of a new baby and see them through their first year of life. Most of the time, new parents receive loads of newborn toys and clothes and while these are much appreciated, also having some things on hand that can be used down the track is valued highly.

1:  Gift baskets

Gift baskets and specifically tailored gift hampers make the perfect choice of gift to welcome a new baby and, should you wish to purchase a standard basket or hamper full of useful and tasteful items for the baby and the new parents, the hard work is done for you! (Many people who have little knowledge of babies and have spent little time around children take this option and are delighted with the favourable results!)

Alternatively, the best gift basket companies allow you the freedom to create a basket or gift hamper in which you make the decisions about inclusions and exclusions. This way, you can select from a beautiful array of products and develop a basket that reflects the essence of the family who will receive it or even the company or individual giving the gift.

2:  Toys

Toys have always and will always be a popular choice of gift for new babies and children. Particularly when giving toys for babies, there are a few useful tips to follow:

  • Safety is paramount, so make sure the toy has no small parts or pieces that can easily be broken off; these present a choking hazard.
  • Choose age-appropriate toys as toys that are too complex and difficult can frustrate a baby, whereas those that are too simple may quickly bore him or her.
  • Educational toys are a great idea as they require the baby to be actively involved. When babies are engaged in their play, they learn through play and experimentation.
  • Blocks are so often a fabulous choice of toy, but look for ones that are made from wood, soft fabrics or BPA free plastic.

3:  Clothing

Clothing is a common and generally appreciated gift for a baby. Typically, new parents receive loads of items of clothing for their newborn and less items in larger sizes that will fit the child later in their first year of life. You may like to ask the parents about the sizes they most need or carefully consider the sizes that you purchase. If buying clothes for later in the baby’s first year, be sure to think about the seasons in which they will be worn.

4:  Music

Newborn babies and children tend to love music and can very often be calmed and settled though music. Other types of music can serve a valuable and effective educational purpose, teaching children about the alphabet, numbers and counting, animals, colours, emotional literacy, healthy eating and many other things.

Stories read on CD, particularly with accompanying books, also make a wonderful gift choice.

5:  Books

Books are a great gift recommendation, no matter how old the baby or child is. Books are timeless and can be enjoyed throughout childhood. Many classic titles remain ever-popular and some are even available in the form of durable board books. Another beneficial feature of books is that they can be used and re-used with younger siblings and friends.

Keep in mind too that many books have been developed to support parents in teaching their children particular skills, such as: being kind, respecting others and even going to bed!

There is no shortage of variety when it comes to gifts for babies and children. When choosing a gift to welcome a new baby, feel confident that you are selecting something that will get plenty of use and will be safe for the child to use as it grows throughout its first year and beyond.