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4 Ways to Impress with a Gift

In business, purchasing gifts to thank or acknowledge clients, staff and partners is a common practice. Naturally, you want to make the gifts that you give special and unique and, above all else, you want to impress with the gifts that you give.

Knowing the sorts of gifts that most impress people puts you at a huge advantage. Here we take a look at some of the best ways to impress with gifts:

1:  Choose a gift basket

Gift baskets and gift hampers make perfect presents that will definitely impress. The beauty of gift baskets and hampers is that they can be tailored to meet the needs and preferences of the recipient or your company. A wonderful array of gourmet products can be included in gift baskets, ranging from: chocolates, cheeses, cookies and truffles, to wine, champagne, coffee and luxury products.

Gift hampers and baskets make impressive presents because they demonstrate that thought and care has been invested in the selection of the gift and are almost invariably of the highest quality. While it is difficult to choose many presents if you do not know a person so well, you can feel assured that a gift basket or hamper will always suit and please everyone!

2:  Choose locally sourced or produced products

It is often the case that choosing a specialty product of your local area will heartily impress a gift recipient. Try to choose something unique from your local area – perhaps it is wine or cheese or even artwork that best signifies and characterises your vicinity.

By choosing something that is unique and special to your area your search can often be made easier and you can feel confident that the recipient will appreciate as well as be impressed by the fact that something local has been given.

3:  Choose something personalised

If your aim and objective is to impress with the gifts that you give on behalf of your business, a great tip can be to choose something that is personalised. While engraved pens can be lovely, this gift can also be a little tired. Instead, think of more original and entirely useful personalised products that make fantastic gifts. For example, self-inking address stamps can be a gift that is often used and one that can encourage special memories and positive thoughts of your organisation.

4:  Choose a gift that is useful

If you really want to impress your staff, clients or partners, invest in gifts that are useful and specifically relate to their situation and needs. For example, you may have clients that you know are about to embark on renovations or building work; in this case, gift vouchers for hardware stores or building supplies may be most useful. Alternatively, you may be buying for people that wish to decorate with some great interior design products; they would surely be impressed with vouchers or stylish products that will enhance their interior spaces.

Gift giving can be quite an art and choosing a gift that is impressive, appreciated and wanted is important. When purchasing on behalf of your company, you also want to choose gifts that acknowledge effort and achievement and reflect well on your organisation.