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4 Original Gift Ideas

In a corporate context, gift giving can be especially tricky – particularly if you are charged with choosing a gift for a person that you do not know well. When you do not have an extensive knowledge of the gift recipient, their interests, tastes and preferences, choosing a gift that they will appreciate can be challenging.

However, there are many original, stylish and interesting gifts available that are sure to please the people that receive them. Here we look at four of them:

1:  Gift baskets

It is no wonder that gift baskets and gift hampers are a perennially popular choice of corporate gift. It is possible to select products and items so that you develop a completely unique and bespoke gift basket, or you can choose from the baskets that online companies offer as standard.

Gift hampers can be themed around particular foods (such as cheese or chocolate), luxury items or other things will someones personality or profession.

Gift baskets and gift hampers make an ideal corporate gift as they show that thought has been invested and attention given to things that the gift recipient may well like of have use for. Gift baskets and hampers are almost invariably received with enthusiasm and appreciation and are the perfect choice of gift in a corporate context.

2:  Experiences

It is sometimes appropriate to give the gift of an experience rather than a tangible item. Increasingly, the gift of an experience is gaining popularity as people decide not to give something the recipient may not like or appreciate, but something that they can enjoy because they would be unlikely to buy it themselves.

There really is no end to the types of experiences that can be arranged. A lovely meal in a quality restaurant or specialised, guided wine tastings are options, as are cooking lessons or accommodation in a beautiful location.

Alternatively, some people like to give or receive more adventurous experiences, such as:

  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Kayaking adventures
  • Swimming with dolphins

Often, a little knowledge about the recipient can help to guide the choices that are made in terms of the types of experience they will most enjoy.

3:  Vouchers

Although they may seem impersonal or lacking in thought to some harsh critics, vouchers often make a great present and, when chosen well, can definitely be an original gift option. When choosing a gift is especially difficult, it can be reassuring to know that a voucher will be well received, as you at least then know that the person receiving the gift will have the opportunity to obtain something that they really want.

Doing a little ground work can be helpful as when you know the types of shops and things that an individual especially favours, you will have a better idea of where to purchase a voucher.

4:  Digital photo frame

Of course, it really does depend on your relationship to the person and the reason for giving the gift, but digital photo frames with images pre-loaded can be an original and very appropriate gift. If a special project has been worked on and accomplished, or if a person is being acknowledged for many years of service, it can be appropriate and appreciated to present an individual with such a gift.

Choosing an original gift can sometimes be challenging, but it need not be stressful or frustrating. Even if you do not have a huge amount of knowledge of what a person likes or dislikes, it is still completely possible to select an original and thoughtful gift.