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3 Unique Gourmet Gifts

Have you noticed that our society has become increasingly fascinated with food? This love affair now pervades the popular media and is blatantly obvious with the number of television programs, online articles and recipes and print media content that is devoted to food. Overwhelmingly, Australians are taking an interest in food – where it comes from and how it is made – and so it follows that gourmet gifts have become a popular and desired gift choice.

It is not just that many Australians are taking a greater interest in food; they are taking a significantly greater interest in quality food and, when you give quality food as a gift, you really cannot go wrong.

So, what are some of the best and most delicious gourmet gifts that a person can give?

1:  Gift baskets

When it comes to gourmet gifts, there are few presents as ideal as a gift basket or gift hamper. Specialist companies have created an extensive and varied ‘menu’ of gift baskets that include some of the finest foods imaginable. These baskets also reflect different people’s food passions; for example, a person may love supreme quality cheeses or delectable chocolates…both of these passions can be catered for through a gift basket or gift hamper.

However, it is also possible to put your own basket of gourmet treats together by choosing to include particular items. Many wonderful and completely unique gift baskets are put together to reflect individual tastes and preferences.

Gourmet treats often go well with champagne, fine wines or coffee and the inclusion of these drinks is possible when putting a gift basket together.

Such a gift is also perfect as you can choose baskets and hampers that correspond with the budget that you have available.

2:  Picnic hampers

Giving a picnic hamper that is filled with delicious goodies and all the equipment that is needed to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable picnic, is another great gourmet gift.

It can be such a joy to send a person off with a ready-packed picnic hamper that includes a variety of their favourite gourmet foods and drinks. Not only will the person love the gourmet goodies that are included, they will also appreciate not having to have planned, purchased and packed all the things that are required for their meal outdoors.

Another benefit of such a gourmet gift is that the attractive hampers that often encase the gourmet goodies are stylish, fit for purpose and can be repeatedly used.

3:  Selections of…

Be creative with the gourmet gifts that you give and consider giving the person some products that may be new to them and products with which they can experiment. For example…

  • A selection of peppers:  Pepper is not all one and the same. Different types of pepper are produced in different parts of the world and these varieties have different flavours, tastes and qualities. It is possible to purchase a selection of peppers that can be given as a gourmet gift and these will often come with a guide as to which peppers pair well with different types of food.
  • A selection of honey:  Honey is a widely used and enjoyed product that comes in many different flavours and varieties, each with its own attributes and distinctive features. Consider giving a selection of honeys as a gourmet gift and providing the recipient with the opportunity to taste and experience the some of the different types.

As we are increasingly becoming a nation of ‘foodies’, giving a gourmet gift is a perfect choice of present. Even those that do not love to cook will appreciate delicious gourmet treats and the variety that is provided through gift baskets and hampers.