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3 Tips for Selecting a Corporate Gift

It is so often the case that you are bestowed with the honour (or definite challenge) of sourcing and selecting a gift on behalf of your organisation or for someone within your organisation. Chances are, you do not have an incredibly extensive knowledge of the person you are buying for, including their likes, dislikes, preferences and interests.

The very good (and very welcome) news is that you need not feel the previously experienced intensity of pressure. There are some very helpful tips for selecting a quality and much appreciated corporate gift.

1:  Choose a quality gift basket

Part of the difficulty in selecting a corporate gift is that you want to convey a sentiment of gratitude and appreciation while showing fine taste.

Corporate gift baskets are absolutely ideal because they can be tailored to include items that you prefer and desire and can be themed so that the recipient’s interests and tastes are reflected. For example, you may decide that your organisation will send a gift hamper to an employee who has delivered excellent service to the company. You may choose to send a picnic hamper or perhaps a chocolate gift basket, based on what you know and understand about the person. Alternatively, it may be common knowledge that the recipient is a connoisseur of wine. In this instance, a specialised wine gift basket which includes some of the most delicious and respected varietals, is sure to bring delight to the person that is to receive it.

Corporate gift baskets always make a perfect corporate gift. The beauty of a gift of this nature is that they are so versatile – they can either be kept quite neutral and general in terms of the items that they contain, or they can be very specifically tailored to align with a person’s taste or interests.

Most often, gift baskets contain high quality and very delicious food items and, as we all love food, presents of this type do not fail to impress.
2:  Choose gifts that genuinely show appreciation

When it comes to the giving of a corporate gift, such a gift is usually given to acknowledge work well done, exceptional effort, loyalty and sincere appreciation. In light of this, it is vitally important that the gifts that are given really do show appreciation and the value that the company recognises in the person.

To give a gift of inferior or questionable quality can be incredibly offensive and disheartening. Worse still, to give a gift of this standard also demonstrates thoughtlessness and perhaps haste; no one wants to feel that their gift was chosen under such circumstances.

3:  Remember that your gift is a reflection of your company

Being charged with selecting and purchasing a corporate gift on behalf of your organisation is a very important and influential task as the gifts that are provided are always a reflection on the company.

At all times, companies have to think about and strategically develop their image and identity and, let’s be honest, no organisation wants to be perceived as cheap. To the contrary, all businesses should aspire to be recognised as being committed to the highest standards and quality and should therefore provide gifts that are commensurate with their image and ethos.

Some thought, attention to detail and awareness can definitely help you to choose a great corporate gift. Although you may not have an extensive knowledge of the person that you are selecting for, presents such as gift baskets make a high quality and much appreciated gift.