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3 Great Gifts You Can Get In A Basket

In a corporate context, perhaps more so than any other, giving gifts that will impress really does matter. The gifts that are given by your organisation speak volumes about its value, priorities and the importance that it places on quality relationships.

Given that there is such a range of possible gifts to give and the busy time of Christmas gift buying is right upon us, it is useful to know that there are particular qualities that make some gifts more impressive than others. It is worth noting that the price tag of the gift does not necessarily influence whether it will be a gift that it is impressive or otherwise; it is more often the thought and effort that has gone into whether a gift will be appreciated by the recipient that really matters.

So, what are some of the most impressive gifts?

1: Gift baskets

There is a good reason why gift baskets and gift hampers are a perennially popular choice of gift. Even if you do not know a person so well, it is possible to give a gift that will be heartily appreciated and favourably received.

Gift baskets come in a range of varieties and styles. Themed gift baskets are available and feature products such as: wine, cheese, chocolate or coffee, while other gift hampers can be less about food and more about luxurious products. Hampers full of pampering products are understandably popular and thought to make a wonderful gift for women and men. Certainly, the feedback from recipients of such a gift is almost invariably positive!

Given the time of year, a Christmas hamper makes the perfect gift. Hampers themed for Christmas feature wonderful and very delicious Christmas products such as: fruit pudding, shortbread, fruit mince pies and finest quality chocolates.

You do not need to feel restricted by the ‘menu’ of gift baskets and gift hampers that an online company may suggest. Many people love to tailor and create their own basket – filling it with products and treats that may hold great appeal for the recipient or reflect the values of the company that is giving the gift.

2:  Chocolate gift baskets

In order to give an impressive chocolate gift basket, it is vital that chocolate products of outstanding quality are chosen and included. Unfortunately, gifts of chocolate of questionable quality rarely make a positive impression.

There are so many delicious and even unusual flavours of chocolate and chocolate products that can be included in a chocolate gift basket. Fabulous inclusions may be: chocolate coffee beans, special drinking chocolate, finest quality truffles and, so many people’s favourite, chocolate covered fruit and nuts.

3:  Wine gift baskets

In this day and age, so many of us really appreciate good quality wine. There are few things quite so enjoyable as pairing and enjoying a delectable wine with a great meal or even good company! We are very fortunate that Australia is home to so many wonderful wines and so it follows that the gift of a wine gift basket makes a consistently impressive gift.

Many gift basket specialist companies will allow you to make an informed selection of the wines that you include and the regions or specific wineries from which they are produced.

When giving a corporate gift, it is imperative that your gift makes a positive impression. It is vitally important that your gift demonstrates thought, care and attention to what the recipient may like and of course, reflects favourably and shows the appreciation of your organisation.