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3 of the Best Corporate Gifts

Quite often, the task of buying a corporate gift is even more difficult than buying any other type of gift. In the corporate world, reputation, image and professionalism are paramount and these qualities must be reflected in the gifts that your provide.

In corporate settings, the giving of a gift sends a message about your company and has the power to build or detract from its presence and standing in relation to the field more broadly and certainly your competitors. Thinking carefully about the gifts that you give is always a wise move and one that can pay professional dividends.

And of course, when a corporate gift is given, the idea is that it will delight your recipient. Just as you hope that the gift you have selected will please a person that you know well, a corporate gift will hopefully impress even the most discerning person.

So, what are some of the best corporate gift ideas?

1:  Gift baskets

One of the many fabulous features of gift baskets is that you don’t need to have a huge and personal knowledge of the recipient to choose a gift basket or gift hamper that will delight them. You see, the types of products that can be included in gift baskets are almost universally popular. Think chocolates, fine wine, champagne, beer, coffee, gourmet treats and luxury products and you have a sense of the types of items that can be included and have widespread appeal.

A further attribute of gift hampers is that they can be individually crafted; this means that you decide what will be included and, if you have some knowledge of what the gift recipient likes and is most interested in, you can make a more informed selection. If not, don’t worry at all…the beautiful and high quality products that can be included in gift baskets will impress the vast majority of people.

Gift baskets and hampers make a thoroughly professional, appropriate and thoughtful corporate gift. They are beautifully presented and communicate a message that the client or employee is valued and deserving of a high quality gift.

2:  Personalised drinks

In some corporate settings it is appropriate to give alcohol as a present, in others it is not so judgement does need to be exercised. However, an original and in some places popular corporate gift is personalised beer or wine. If alcohol is not an appropriate corporate gift in your setting fear not because personalised water is available!

Many people see this as a creative and fun sort of gift. Of course, the quality of the beer or wine that is included will be important to many people so ensure that the contents reflect the message that you are endeavouring to convey about your company, the gift recipient and their contributions.

3:  Gifts of social responsibility

Depending on the expectations, nature and culture of your corporate workplace, giving a gift that epitomises social responsibility can be priceless. Many companies are now choosing to make a donation or purchase from the catalogues of humanitarian organisations such as World Vision, Red Cross and Oxfam to assist others and support the work of these important organisations.

This really is a ‘feel good’ gift as frequently the actual benefit of the gift cannot be seen, although it is known.

Corporate gift giving can present some challenges, but does present the opportunity to be creative and thoughtful with the gifts that are given on behalf of your company.