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3 of the Best Corporate Gifts for Christmas 2011

It almost seems inconceivable that Christmas 2011 is just a matter of weeks away. Although it feels as though we have just recovered from the last silly season, it is a perhaps scary reality that we need to now be making preparations and getting organised for the festive season this year.

For many businesses, the need to focus attention on corporate gift giving is urgent. Christmas is quickly advancing and this is very often coupled with the need to buy multiple gifts. Subsequently, organisations can become inundated and run out of time unless they now organise the corporate gifts that they will give.

Because it is important to choose corporate gifts that are desired, will be appreciated and communicate a positive message about your organisation, it is important to invest thought in their selection and make wise, informed choices. Here we take a look at three of the best corporate gifts for Christmas 2011.

1: Gift baskets

Of all the corporate gifts that are most well received and highly appreciated, corporate gift baskets are an excellent choice. Because they can be themed according to a particular taste or preference (for example: wine gift baskets, chocolate gift baskets and gourmet gift hampers are available), gift hampers are an excellent choice of corporate gift for Christmas.

Of course, Christmas hampers can be constructed featuring fine quality Christmas fare, but regardless of whether you choose a hamper with a specifically Christmas theme, you will find that the inclusion of delicious and enticing products always makes a gift basket a desirable corporate gift. After all, who doesn’t appreciate and love to receive gorgeous treats that you are less likely to buy for yourself?

2:  Picnic hampers

Picnic hampers are an increasingly popular corporate gift – and for good reason. There is no better time of year to give the gift of a picnic hamper than Christmas. Throughout Summer, the weather is warm and conditions are ideal to enjoy a delicious and civilised outdoor meal.

The beauty of picnic hampers is that they are loaded with high quality, tasty and even unusual items that perhaps include: gourmet cheese, olives, nuts and gourmet cakes as well as beverages such as champagne, wine or beer. Aside from the delicious foodstuffs, picnic hampers that are usually given as corporate gifts include all of the crockery, cutlery, glassware and other items that you need to have a great picnic and this is all contained in an attractive and stylish basket.

3:  An extreme or adrenaline-fuelled experience

Rather than giving a tangible gift, the trend of giving an experience as a gift is growing in popularity. Some organisations choose to give their employees the gift of an extreme activity which teams of people can do together. The idea is that not only will employees enjoy an unusual experience that possibly takes them out of their comfort zone (such as: a ride in a jet boat or a paint-balling experience), they will also have the opportunity to communicate and strengthen relationships outside of the typical work environment.

A Christmas gift of this nature works better in some organisations than others; it really is just a matter of determining how appropriate and well received an extreme or adrenaline-fuelled experience would be in your organisation.

The countdown to Christmas is on! Organisations need to be immediately proactive to ensure that they are well prepared and have organised the corporate gifts that they need to give for Christmas 2011. There is absolutely no benefit in leaving the purchase of corporate gifts until the last minute; by starting the process now, you are in a far better position to provide thoughtful gifts that will be enjoyed and appreciated.