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Unique Gift Basket Themes for this Father’s Day

Buying gifts for the men in your life especially your dad can be difficult. They always claim not to want anything, but you still want to honour them on Father’s Day, of course! Worry not. You can always rely on gift hampers for this occasion. Here are some unique gift basket ideas for Father’s Day.

For the Dad, Who Loves Beer:

Instead of a frilly basket that you would typically give your mum, get your dad an insulated six-pack tote bag filled with his favourite beers. The tote bag is especially handy if he likes to take his beer to the park, the beach, or to parties. It can keep his beloved beverages cool for many hours! Be sure throw in local and imported premium beers. You can also add premium mixed nuts, chocolate fudge cookies, and other goodies that might go well with beer.

For the Dad, Who Loves Whisky:

You can’t go wrong with a Father’s Day gift hamper with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky in it. Make the basket even more special by adding fancy potato chips, dips, premium nut and pretzel blends, and chocolates. Make sure that everything will be delivered in a luxurious gift box for added impact.

For the Dad, Who Loves to Cook:

If yours is the type of dad who is extra proud of his kitchen and grilling skills, then a Father’s Day basket with all kinds of exotic spices will surely be appreciated. Why not add a cookbook, too? Some of the best gift hamper companies online will let you add a specialty ‘The Great Aussie Bloke’s Cookbook’ before check out. You can also go for a ‘Master Chef’ gift hamper that’s simply perfect for Father’s Day. The basket comes with a Master Chef cookbook and apron, plus many other goodies. 

Express Your Love with Best Choice of Baby Gifts Basket

If you want to give a baby gift basket to the parents of a brand new bundle of joy, you have two choices: you can either assemble one yourself, or you can order a ready-made hamper online and simply personalise it with extras. It’s infinitely more practical to go with the second option especially if you don’t exactly have time to shop for the items that you want to include in the basket, and if you don’t have the crafting skills to put them all together in one cute package.  Simply browse the selection of baby gift hampers available, choose one that best suits your recipient, and add a few extras like a balloon or a plush toy before checkout (if you wish). The hamper can be delivered to the home of the baby’s parents directly, or to you (if you wish to give it to them yourself). It will have all the bells and whistles from a luxurious wrapper to satin ribbons to a gift card.

Before you shop for a baby gift basket online, make sure to ask if the baby is a boy or girl. I
Baby clothes and toys that go into a typical hamper are often gender based. A baby girl’s basket will probably contain pink garments with embroidered flowers, which might not be fitting for a little boy. If there is no way to find out or of the parents don’t want to disclose the baby’s gender before it is born then be sure to buy a gender neutral gift basket. It will contain blankets, bibs, and clothes in brows, yellows, greens, and other colours that are not specifically associated with a certain gender.

When shopping for a baby gift basket, always consider practicality. Tired parents will always appreciate clothes, blankets, and bath time essentials. Be sure to add bibs, burp cloths, towels, and socks.

Essential Things to Add in Easter Hampers

Easter hampers won’t be complete without specific elements, including chocolate eggs. This is because eggs traditionally represent rebirth, which is the meaning of Easter. Chocolate Easter eggs also symbolise the coming of spring as well as the Resurrection of Christ in Christian doctrine. The first chocolate Easter eggs were said to have been made in the 19th century. Before this time, real eggs were painted colourfully for kids to find on an Easter egg hunt. Now, Easter baskets contain more than just chocolate eggs-they also have chocolate coated fruits (like strawberries and apricots) as well as other sweet treats.

A bunny is another traditional element in an Easter egg basket. Not a real rabbit, of course-a stuffed bunny or a chocolate bunny, will do. Rabbits and hares have always been associated with fertility. Their inclusion into Easter customs originated in Germany, where kids were told tales of Easter hares who lay eggs for them to find.

Traditional Easter baskets still contain these two elements plus a few extras. There are no rules-you can add anything to your Easter hamper. To make it luxurious, why not throw in a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial, or a good wine? These alcoholic beverages go excellently with chocolate eggs!

You can even choose to go with a lovely Easter fondue that contains a ceramic fondue, two forks, and milk chocolate eggs that your recipient can melt and enjoy. For the ultimate Easter egg hunt, send over a box of 100 chocolate eggs and a chocolate rabbit.

Easter is all about celebrating new beginnings and spending time with the people you love. Make the day extra special by bringing an Easter hamper to your family’s celebration. Order them online, where you will find a wide range of Easter baskets.

Choosing Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day

Whether you’re looking for something special to give your mum for Mother’s Day or simply want to let her know how special she is to you even if there’s no occasion, you will never go wrong with a gift hamper. Why give your mum just one gift when you can give her little thoughtful items all wrapped up in a nice hamper? Here are some unique Mother’s Day hamper gift ideas that will surely be appreciated:

Tea and Memories

Does your mom enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon? Give her a Mother’s Day hamper containing a fine bone china tea pot, a box of special teas, and a beautiful photo frame she will be proud to display at home. Why not add some extra touches, like a book and a box of chocolates, perhaps?

Mother’s Day Hampers for Avid Cooks

A hamper containing fancy olives, peppers, sesame seeds, and gourmet concoctions will go a long way for a mum who loves to cook. Make your hamper extra thoughtful by throwing in a recipe journal! Choose a cloth bound, high quality notebook with section dividers that will help your mum easily access her recipes by type (for example, soups and starters, meat and poultry, seafood, vegetables, pasta, salads, desserts, etc,).

Pampering Mother’s Day Hamper

Like most mums, yours probably takes care of everyone else before caring for herself. So give her the gift of pampering! Include a nice body wash, body lotion, hand therapy lotion, and a scented candle in your Mother’s Day hamper. Perhaps you can even throw in lose tea leaves or tea bags in a gorgeous canister—she can enjoy a nice cup while in the bath.

Order your Mother’s day gift hampers online. It’s convenient and easy. Though ready-made hampers are offered, you can always add an item or to make your gift unique.

Chocolate Gift Hampers for Different Recipients

Though chocolates are traditionally romantic gifts, they can also be given to just about anyone you care about a friend, your sister, and even people you work with. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t appreciate these delicious, sweet treats. So if you don’t know what to give someone, go for chocolate gift hamper. You can’t go wrong!

Congratulate someone on a job well done

Did your niece ace her piano recital? Did your younger brother get into his dream university? A chocolate hamper is always the perfect gift for celebrations. You have hundreds of chocolate types to choose from, from dark Belgians to while milk chocolates. You can also add in some crunchy caramel bars and chocolate covered pretzels for variety.

Give someone a ‘hug’ with chocolates

Do you want to reach out to a friend who lives in another city because you know she’s going through a rough time? Send her a chocolate hamper filled with her favourite sinful treats. Aside from delicious chocolate truffles, you can also send a fancy box of powdered hot chocolate and even a thoughtful mug to go with it.

Up the romance with a chocolate gift hamper

For anniversaries and other romantic occasions, a chocolate gift hamper with a bottle of wine or champagne is perfect. Go for luxurious boxes of chocolate covered strawberries or decadent liqueur chocolates to make your gift unforgettable.

Fantastic add-ons

Even a simple book, a picture frame, or any other gift item can be elevated to a whole new level of thoughtfulness with the addition of a box of chocolates. Make any gift basket extra special by adding a sweet treat or two! Perhaps you can even throw in a balloon. You can choose to do this before checkout when you order your gift hamper online.

3 Fantastic Baby Gift Hampers

Are you going to a newborn child’s christening? Do you want to congratulate the new parents on their newest bundle of joy? Instead of buying yet another toy, you can consider gifting them with a baby hamper filled with fun and useful things. New parents need all the help they can get, and you can’t go wrong with functional baby items. These four baby gift hampers are the perfect combination of practicality and whimsy:

Newborn Essentials Hamper

Babies use up a lot of clothes, so new parents always appreciate baby gift hampers containing cotton rompers, baby singlets, beanies, socks, and wraps. Choose 100 cotton fabrics that are cuddly and super soft. Throw in a plush toy—perhaps a giraffe—to finish off the hamper. You can also add cute little newborn shoes. Newborn hampers come in different themes, from fairy princess to baby pirates. You will also find unisex baby hampers online. You can make the gift extra thoughtful by adding a balloon.

Baby Boy / Girl Comforters

Very young babies find it hard to regulate their body temperature, so they need garments to help keep them warm. This type of hamper contains a luxurious comforter plus long sleeve tops and long leg pants for colder days. Add in some socks to complete the ensemble.

Bath Time Baby Hampers

New parents will surely be grateful for a bath set that they can use for their beloved baby. Buy a gift hamper that contains a hooded bath towel for infants, a muslin baby wrap, and a gently scented body wash and/or soap bar. Add a baby-safe plush toy or a pair of socks if you wish.

It’s easy to order ready-made baby hampers online that you can make unique with extras like a book for the parents. You can have the hamper delivered straight to their home, or to yours (so you can personally hand it to them).

Trendy Picnic Hamper Basket for Your Friend

Themed gift baskets are always great for personalizing presents. They give you the opportunity to customize your presents in a way that would speak to the recipient’s personal taste and interest. Thankfully, there are companies that commercially produce gift baskets, thus making the task easier for you. They also offer personalized gift hamper services, so that you customize the gift based on your requirement.

Picnic gift baskets make for awesome gift carriers. Because they are spacious, and they give plenty of rooms to store all kinds of picnic items. They also come in a wide variety of shapes, colours, styles, and sizes, making them perfect for stuffing in different types of food so your friends and loved ones can be picnic-ready any time.

Some fool-proof picnic basket items you can consider including are some plates, silverware, a thermos, some candles, a cheese board, wine glasses, and even cloth napkins, which can also serve as decorative fillers and a nice soft base to protect your items. Don’t forget to stuff in food products and beverages to complete the package. Specialty gift stores that offer picnic hamper gifts can provide you with some great ready-made options as well as customizable packages to make sure you have a complete picnic basket gift set. Some offer nice soda and snack buckets for light picnics, along with entire coolers of gourmet treats, snacks, wines, and desserts.

Whether you want a sophisticated picnic basket or a traditional package with a nice selection of treats and drinks, gift hamper stores can provide you with a trendy kit to suit the occasion. Wine, cheese, crackers, and snacks are also great combinations of simple picnic items that you can include in a gift pack if you want to introduce friends and loved ones to the joys of picnic traditions.

Trendy Baby Gifts in Melbourne

It is hard to get baby gifts wrong. If you want a perfect present for your expecting friends, a newborn baby basket is a trendy choice that they will sure appreciate. These colourful gift ideas are colourful and creative options that are easy to personalise with your special touch. They are also very practical as they help your friends prepare for the coming of one of the most precious gifts life can give them. Baby Gift baskets and hampers are also awesome ideas for combining presents for mother, dad, and baby because there is plenty of room in a gift basket for all kinds of items for the entire family.

While you can always make a baby gift basket yourself by putting together some baby essentials and other practical baby care items, it might be a lot easier and practical to buy readymade baby gift baskets that you can have delivered right at your friends’ doorstep. You can even customise gift hamper contents to your liking to make sure that it contains all the items you want to give. While making newborn baby gift baskets can be a fun weekend project, you might find it more convenient to order simply one from a store specialising in baby gift hampers and basket presents.

Really good gift stores will even let you custom-build your baby gift hamper and control what goes into the package. There are many different items that you can choose to include in a baby gift hamper, ranging from body care items like lotions, oils, baby wipes, shampoo, powders, bath soaps, sunscreens, rash ointments, and diapers. Some stores even offer baby grooming items like soft hair brushes, nail clippers, swabs, etc. Baby clothing is also popular basket fillers, ranging from onesies to baby booties, socks, rompers, t-shirts, and hats. You may even include toys to make your gift extra fun.

Guidelines in Buying Get Well Gift Hampers Online

If you want to lift the spirits of an ailing friend or someone who needs a little encouragement, get well gifts make the perfect present to surprise them with and put a smile on their gloomy day. These can be anything from simple get-well cards and some balloons to an all-out gift basket filled with their favourite things that will sure cheer them up. When shopping for get well gift hampers for your loved ones, here are some things to consider in ensuring that you get the most appropriate set of presents for them:

  • Food gift baskets – Delicious food gifts can cheer anyone’s day up. Some snacks and decadent treats are great food options to include in your gift basket, as well as fruits that will help them recuperate from an illness. Coffee and tea gift baskets are also great ideas as these hot beverages can serve as great tonics to perk them up and make them feel better. You can even pair these gifts up with a nice selection of treats like cookies, crackers, and cheeses. If you are not sure what types of food items to get, you can also find gift baskets with a nice assortment of food types. Pre-made gift sets often include a good assortment of fruits, chocolates, snacks, and treats that are perfect as get-well presents.
  • Pamper gift sets – Pamper products like lotions, bubble baths, soaps, scented candles, incense, and other spa items are also great get-well gifts for those who enjoy relaxing in a nice spa-like environment. You may even include other relaxation and personal care items like books and magazines to complete the experience.
  • Gift cards and add-ons – Make your gift hamper extra special with add ons like gift cards with special messages to send out good thoughts and cheer, some flowers, and balloons, as well as other fun items to help them feel good inside and out.

Great Ideas for Corporate Gifts in Melbourne

Corporate gifts are great gestures of appreciation to clients, business partners, employees, and even to your most valued consumers. Gift baskets are practical types of presents that you can consider when shopping for nice corporate gifts for your business assets. Here are some awesome corporate gift basket ideas you can use for corporate birthdays, special events, recognitions, and other gift-worthy occasions:

  • Personalised stationery baskets – Also a good way to promote your brand, personalised stationery baskets can include pens and pads with your business logo. To make this extra special, you can throw in some nice gourmet treats that recipients can munch on during important meetings, seminars, and training. These are great gifts during important gatherings with your business partners and colleagues.
  • Wine baskets – For even more special corporate events, you can up your game by sending out wine gift baskets decorated with all kinds of treats like cheeses and chocolates. Wine baskets are great as Christmas giveaways as well as for special partnership meetings.
  • Fruits and chocolate hampers – You can also impress recipients with some exotic fruits and chocolates, along with other gourmet treats. International clients appreciate these kinds of gifts as they show your generosity, while also helping them get to know some exotic treats and delicacies from all over the world.
  • Baked goods baskets – Reward employees and teams who are doing great at their job with a basket or two of freshly baked cookies and pastries. These are great gifts to show your appreciation for people who help you serve your clients well. They are also great choices for Christmas gift baskets.
  • Dry fruits hampers – You can also fill a gift hamper with some gourmet dry fruits and goods like cashews, raisins, almonds, apricots, walnuts, etc. These types of corporate gift hampers make great corporate giveaways during events and meetings.