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Essential Things to Add in Easter Hampers

Easter hampers won’t be complete without specific elements, including chocolate eggs. This is because eggs traditionally represent rebirth, which is the meaning of Easter. Chocolate Easter eggs also symbolise the coming of spring as well as the Resurrection of Christ in Christian doctrine. The first chocolate Easter eggs were said to have been made in the 19th century. Before this time, real eggs were painted colourfully for kids to find on an Easter egg hunt. Now, Easter baskets contain more than just chocolate eggs-they also have chocolate coated fruits (like strawberries and apricots) as well as other sweet treats.

A bunny is another traditional element in an Easter egg basket. Not a real rabbit, of course-a stuffed bunny or a chocolate bunny, will do. Rabbits and hares have always been associated with fertility. Their inclusion into Easter customs originated in Germany, where kids were told tales of Easter hares who lay eggs for them to find.

Traditional Easter baskets still contain these two elements plus a few extras. There are no rules-you can add anything to your Easter hamper. To make it luxurious, why not throw in a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial, or a good wine? These alcoholic beverages go excellently with chocolate eggs!

You can even choose to go with a lovely Easter fondue that contains a ceramic fondue, two forks, and milk chocolate eggs that your recipient can melt and enjoy. For the ultimate Easter egg hunt, send over a box of 100 chocolate eggs and a chocolate rabbit.

Easter is all about celebrating new beginnings and spending time with the people you love. Make the day extra special by bringing an Easter hamper to your family’s celebration. Order them online, where you will find a wide range of Easter baskets.